Katie Price signs eight-year-old daughter Princess up to a modelling agency

The mother of five has signed her eldest daughter up to a modelling agency, just days after make-up controversy.

Glamour model Katie Price has revealed that she's signed her eldest daughter up to a modelling agency.

Eight-year-old Princess (or Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre), looks set to follow in mum Katie's photogenic footsteps. The 37-year-old glamour model famously started posing for fashion snaps as young as 13, before growing up to become renowned for her glamour shots and liking for plastic surgery.

Katie, 37, told The Sun: 'I do not have to explain anything to anyone. Princess has joined a modelling agency so she has a lot of castings. Anything like a panto or acting she would love.'

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The statement comes just a week after Katie was criticised for uploading a picture of Princess onto her Instagram account wearing a full face of makeup, with some of her followers commenting that they thought she looked old beyond her years.

One GoodtoKnow Facebook user, Emily Galton, got 42 likes after commenting: 'Katie price [sic] needs a serious lesson on parenting!! She looks like she's 18!! No 8 year old should look that old... Personally I think she is wrong to do this....and that pose??? I sure as hell didn't pose or pout like that at the age of 8....hell my mum only started letting me wear make up (just mascara) at 14'

Others, however, were quick to jump to Katie and Princess' defence with another Facebook user, Meinir Ann Thomas, commenting 'Harmless fun. It's only makeup for goodness sake! How many of us girls raided our mum's makeup box as kids? I certainly did! Also, Katy's daughter, Katy's choice. Nobody else's business!'

Following the backlash from critics Katie continued to stand her ground by uploading a video of Princess summing up the situation in her own words. The little girl tells Instagram: 'By the way, I want to do my make-up, not my mum. I do. And anyway, it's none of your beeswax! So oosh!

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Encouraged, rather than put off, Katie headed back to Instagram later in the week to share a second photo of her daughter in makeup with her 798k followers, captioned: 'Here she goes again'.

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This isn't the first time Katie's been under fire for allowing Princess to wear make up either, Heat reported. In 2010 Katie uploaded a picture of Princess wearing false eyelashes and lip gloss, and her dad Peter Andre spoke out against it.

'Peter totally disagrees with anything like this,' a spokesperson for Pete said at the time. 'He has said in the past he hates Kate colouring Junior's hair and straightening Princess's.'

We wonder if Pete has anything to say now... Pete?

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