Katie Price recalls miscarriage as she prepares to run the London Marathon in honour of her mum

The mum-of-five lost a baby shortly before the run in 2009...

Katie Price

Katie Price has recalled having a miscarriage days before the London Marathon in 2009, as she prepares to do it again this weekend.

The mum-of-five revealed at the time that she had a lost her baby just days before the big run, and now she's recalled the tragic situation ahead of the event of Sunday.

Her miscarriage was discovered during a routine scan, when doctors couldn't find a heartbeat and she was told days later that she had lost her baby - who would have been her third child with Peter.

Despite the heartbreaking loss, Katie still ran the marathon, as she recalled during a chat with Now magazine this week: 'I ran the London Marathon last time having a miscarriage. I was bleeding the whole way through.'

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This time Katie is taking part in the event in honour of her mum Amy, who was diagnosed last year with a terminal lung condition called Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) for which there is no cure, and she says she will definitely complete the challenge.

'I'm not worried because I know I'll complete it. Even if I have to crawl over the finish line, I will.

'[My knees] buckle now. Between two to six miles, they're gone, my knees are destroyed', she said.

At the time, she said on a TV show with Piers Morgan: 'It's dangerous to run when you're bleeding that much. You can get a blood clot and I thought, "I can't let anyone down".

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'So, even the day of the marathon I'm running along, I keep going to the toilet because I keep checking to see if I'm bleeding and stuff. And then obviously my knee goes and I'm thinking of Harvey.'

The TV star continued to say that the whole situation was made even harder because shortly after she split up from Peter Andre.

'I'm trying to keep myself together, not to cry. I just wanted to say to people, "Just leave me alone, I've, I've just lost a baby, I'm bleeding, I'm trying to run, I'm trying my best," but I can't say it because, you know, it's private', she said.

'Emotionally for any woman, to have a baby die, run the marathon - which is also a big thing on your body - and then your husband wants a divorce, to split up. That's a lot for someone to take in.'

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