‘You’re setting a bad example’ Katie Price slammed over her latest Instagram snap

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  • Katie Price has been slammed over her latest post on social media, with some fans accusing of setting a bad example for children because she looks too skinny.

    The mum-of-five is no stranger to controversy, especially on social media, and now she’s being criticised over her latest picture on Instagram.

    Over the weekend, she shared a naked picture of herself covered in fake tan, which she captioned: ‘Oh dear I tried this new fake tan last night I’m going to shower now I hope ends up ok 😂😂🤣🤣’.

    Fans of the star were quick to point out that she looks a lot skinnier than she used to before, and that she’s setting a bad example for young people because of that.

    One wrote: ‘You’ve lost so much weight :(‘, while another added: ‘Awful u need to put some weight on setting your kids a bad example this is not a good look.’

    A third commented: ‘It’s because of people like this that kids today think they have to starve themselves thin!! Flaunting your body like this when your a mother is more damaging her kids have to grow up and see this!!’

    A fourth expressed their concern over Katie’s apparent weight loss: ‘It’s not body shaming. She genuinely looks gaunt and ill. What happened to her curves? Where’s her bum? I like Katie and I think she is an amazing mother to her kids. She has lost too much weight and it doesn’t suit her!’

    However, other users defended Katie in the comments section, pointing out that she has always been skinny.

    One wrote: ‘She can’t help having a natural slim figure, if you have got it flaunt it. Stop judging someone for being who they are, that does more damage.’

    Another added: ‘Some people are naturally slim, people have a problem with everything. She looks perfectly fine.’

    It’s been a tough past few months for Katie, who revealed she had split from her husband Kieran last year, and that her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.