Katie Price slammed by fans over ‘dangerous’ picture of daughter Princess in a washing machine

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  • Mum of five Katie Price has been slammed over a picture of eldest daughter Princess inside a washing machine.

    Sharing a photograph of the 10-year-old inside the washing machine, sporting a big grin and a thumbs up, Katie captioned the post: ‘Hide and seek! Found [Princess] in our new 18kg washing machine from Cater Wash the best thing I’ve found to get my washing done quicker.’

    Image: Instagram/Katie Price

    But many of her 1.6 million followers were quick to point out the potential risks of putting Princess inside the machine – mainly that it could encourage other children to copy the act and potentially lead to severe consequences.

    One commenter wrote: ‘As much as I know you are a great mum what a Stupid thing to do u need to delete this pic,’ whilst another agreed: ‘Awwww Katie I love you but please take this down. Its obvious this is a publicity stunt for the washing machine to show how massive it is which is great.’

    They continued: ‘I’m 100% sure Princess was safe at all times. But what about other kids who might see this and think its a good idea to climb in a washer 🙁 it isn’t and could have terrifying consequences.’

    A third follower gave a detailed explanation about why they believed the stunt was dangerous, writing: ‘[A] ten year old wouldn’t shut the door on herself but her special needs brother might be upset by the door being open and shut it without realising princess is in there, or her toddler siblings might think it’s an awesome hiding place after all princess did it and mummy found it massively amusing, and the other one might press buttons and turn it on.’

    ‘Sorry it doesn’t matter if it was fun, washing machines or tumble dryers are not play things they are very very dangerous!’

    Other fans were just disappointed that Katie had gone to such lengths for a sponsored post.

    ‘Talk about plugging something someone put her kid in the washing machine to get a free washing machine,’ wrote one commenter. ‘If I put market in the washing machine I think social services would have something to say.’

    Another added: ‘Are you mental? Putting your kid in a washing machine for an ad?’

    However, there were also voices defending Katie against the online criticism.

    ‘I think you are an amazing mum you are just doing what any normal parent does having a laugh with ur children xx,’ wrote one.

    What’s your take on the picture – harmless fun, or a dangerous example? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!