Katie Price’s fans raise concern as Jett is seen in car without seat belt

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  • Mum-of-five Katie Price has sparked concern after posting a video of her youngest children in the back of a car and four-year-old Jett doesn't appear to be wearing a seat belt.

    Every parent knows the importance of car safety and it is a driver’s responsibility to ensure any child under the age of 14 is wearing a seat belt, or the appropriate restraint. Failure to do so can result in a hefty fine of up to 瞿500.

    Not only have Katie Price’s fans called her ‘irresponsible’, they’ve stressed how dangerous it is to allow a child to travel in a car without a seat belt regardless of whether it is only for a short journey.

    Katie posted the picture on her Instagram profile yesterday with the caption: ‘Jett Bunny in the back of my friends car up the driveway 不不不’.

    Katie’s youngest children can be seen and heard giggling as Katie revs her friend’s car up the driveway. She says: ‘Wooooooo up the driveway. Is that funny?’

    Four-year-old Jett and three-year-old Bunny clearly found the activity a barrel of laughs as they giggle some more and reply ‘yes’ enthusiastically.

    The video has been watched over 300,000 times and has more than 300 comments. While some people agree that Jett could have simply moved his seat belt under his arm, several stress that Katie should have ensured he wore it properly and should not have been on the phone while driving either.

    Jett Bunny in the back of my friends car up the driveway 不不不

    A post shared by Katie Price (@officialkatieprice) on

    One person wrote: ‘Should you not have your young children strapped into their car seat before you go driving around? Seriously you might be a celebrity but youre not above the law! Irresponsible or what!’

    Another said: ‘Why don’t they have seat belts on ffs @officialkatieprice’.

    A third added: ‘Shocking that this video has been posted, one child doesnt have seat belt on properly and looks like the other doesnt have one on at all, so dangerous, so annoying how many parents put theres kids at risk doing this’.

    The comments were not overwhelmingly negative and several people came to Katie’s defense to reiterate she would never intentionally put her children in any danger and clearly felt it was safe to do what she did.

    One person wrote: ‘Seems like the seat belts are on but Jett has taken his arm out like a lot of kids tend to do, and since its only going up her drive there’s no point pulling over to put them back in correctly just for the kids to take their arms out again in such a sort journey.’

    Another fan commented: ‘She’s on her driveway for crying out loud!!’

    Other fans were too distracted by Jett and Bunny’s adorable laughs to offer an comment on the seat belt situation.

    One fan said: ‘Beautiful girl love listening to them giggling its so cute ’.

    While another gushed: ‘Those laughs手 melt my heart! Bless them ! Gorgeous children x’.

    What do you think of the video? Is it irresponsible of Katie or does it show that her kids are just like any other little ones who will wiggle out of anything in a heartbeat? Let us know your thoughts over on our Facebook page.