Pregnant weather presenter hits back after viewer calls her maternity wear ‘disgusting’

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  • A Canadian weather presenter has been forced to defend her choice of maternity wear after one viewer branded her outfit ‘disgusting’.

    Kelsey McEwen presents the daily weather forecast on a Canadian breakfast show called Your Morning, and is 34 weeks pregnant.

    During a recent appearance on the show, one Twitter user decided that her maternity wear wasn’t appropriate for daytime TV, taking the time to tweet the official Your Morning account saying: ‘I can’t believe the skin tight maternity attire… disgusting.’

    Kelsey’s original reaction to the criticism was to retweet it to her 8,000 followers, naming and shaming the account and responding: ‘When what a 34 week pregnant woman is wearing is what someone finds ‘disgusting’ in this world… time to check your priorities.’

    After receiving and overwhelming response, Kelsey then took the following morning’s show as an opportunity to address the issue live on air.

    ‘There was a tweet sent to the Your Morning account describing my maternity wear as ‘disgusting’ – their words, not mine,’ she said, echoing her previous sentiment.

    ‘I decided to take it upon myself to share this tweet with the world, and say when what I’m wearing is what you find disgusting in this world – in this week, in particular – you need to check your priorities.’

    She continued: ‘Listen, I’m a firm believer that my body and your body is no one’s business but your own. Your body is not for anyone to talk about. It is not anyone else’s business but your own. You know what is disgusting? Not my wear, but racism and hate and bullying. So let’s stand up to that.’

    After the show, Kelsey also uploaded a post to her Instagram followers to share a more thorough insight into why this behaviour is unacceptable, and has gained a huge wave of support in the process.

    ‘Today, I got a little fired up,’ she wrote on an iPhone note, which she then screenshotted.

    ‘I am more than how I look. I am kind, smart, hard-working and most importantly: no better or worse than anyone else because of my appearance.’

    ‘This is bigger than pregnancy. This comes down to how fundamentally rank (And treat) people based on how they look. Enough is enough. We are better.’

    She’s captioned the post with the powerful hashtag, #MyBodyISNotYourConcern,’ and has gained thousands of comments in solidarity.

    ‘You look fantastic,’ wrote one commenter. ‘Don’t let her comments bring you down! Saw your story on the today show Facebook page. Best of luck with your baby.’

    Another said: ‘I’m 33 weeks pregnant and watch you every morning, l feel like we’ve been pregnant together. You are fabulous at your job and that is what matters!’