Kim Kardashian is eating her placenta after welcoming second child Saint

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  • Kim Kardashian-West has revealed she’s taking placenta pills in a bid to prevent postpartum depression.

    The reality star recently welcomed baby number two with husband Kanye West, son Saint, and decided to repeat what she’d already done when she gave birth to daughter North – eating her own placenta.

    Taking to Twitter, the 35 year old posted a photo of the pills made out of her placenta.

    The mother-of-two explained her choice with a post on her website, saying she was thrilled with the results after she consumed it for the first time.

    ‘So, I’m really not this holistic person or someone who would have ever considered eating my placenta. And when I say “eat my placenta,” I mean that I’m having it freeze-dried and made into a pill form – not actually fry it like a steak and eat it (which some people do, BTW)’, Kim shared on the website.

    Warding off postpartum depression was one of the main reasons for the star’s decision, after hearing from several friends who did the same.

    ‘I really didn’t want the baby blues and thought I can’t go wrong with taking a pill made of my own hormones – made by me, for me. I started researching and read about so many moms who felt this same way and said the overall healing process was so much easier.’

    The social media mogul also listed energy boosts as another benefit.

    ‘I had great results and felt so energized and didn’t have any signs of depression! I definitely had to do it again’, Saint’s mum wrote.

    ‘Every time I take a pill, I feel a surge of energy and feel really healthy and good. I totally recommend it for anyone considering it!’

    Sister Kourtney Kardashian also decided to make her placenta into pills last year after giving birth to her third child, Reign, and shared how she loved the pills on Instagram.

    ‘Yummy…PLACENTA pills! No joke…I will be sad when my placenta pills run out. They are life changing! #benefits #lookitup’, Kim’s older sister posted on the social network.

    Capsules are one of the ways to consume the placenta after birth, which can last up to a maximum of two months.

    In the UK, the service can cost approximately £150, and the placenta is steamed with ‘lemon, ginger and green chilli’.

    Eating their own placentas is a common practice amongst almost all mammals and primates in the animal world. It was also used in ancient Chinese medicine and became a craze for women a few decades ago, with celebrities like Natasha Hamilton and January Jones doing the same.

    However, its benefits in humans lack scientific proof and some professionals have even considered it unsafe.

    Would you consider eating your own placenta or have you actually done it? Tell us in the comments!