'Disgusting!' Kim Kardashian slammed by fans for getting daughter North to take 'inappropriate' picture of her

Many fans were not happy with Kim after her latest Instagram picture...

Kim Kardashian has been heavily criticised for getting daughter North to take an 'inappropriate' nude picture of her and posting it on social media.

She's no stranger to taking her clothes off for the camera - but Kim Kardashian, who recently became a mum for the third time, may have just gone a step too far after posting a photo of herself without a shirt on, taken by daughter North West.

The reality TV star has received heavy criticism from fans, after she shared the snap on her Instagram on Thursday.

Simply captioning it: '📸 by North' - Kim stands in front of a mirror while she appears to be taking off or putting on her bra.

In the mirror's reflection, you can see North standing behind her mum and taking the picture, although the flash obscures North's face.

Many fans have been outraged by the photo, with some claiming they've lost all 'respect' for the mum-of-three.

One said: 'Not sure getting your daughter to take a picture of your breasts, to then post on social media is the best role modelling but each to their own. I am a fan Kim but this isn't cool, in an age where we are teaching our girls to respect themselves.'

Another said: 'Daughter, please take a photo of me taking my bra off for millions of people to see. Kim, over the years I've really lost respect for you. For the sake of your children, please clean it up'.

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A third commented: 'You might not see it now, but one day when you are an old woman you will regret this for the sake and love for your children'.

While a fourth wrote: 'I remember from keeping up with the kardashians awhile ago where you said it's so hard trying to be famous ( or something similar) with your clothes off. Well this is a new kind of low , even for you Kim. Do what you want as you're an adult but for gods sake, don't take your daughter on the same journey! Be a mum first and foremost, don't use your children in your fame game.'

Another said: 'idk kim i love you and all but that's just inappropriate... it would've been better if that weren't your FOUR YEAR OLD daughter'.

And this concerned fan commented: 'How old will north be before she starts doing selfies just like her mommy'.

It was only last month that Kim came under fire after posting a nude picture of herself, just days after welcoming her third child, Chicago.

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The revealing picture saw Kim posing naked on a bed, with a sheet covering parts of her body and her nipples censored - and it didn't go down well with fans.

One wrote: 'Keep in mind that you're already a mother and AN ADULT. Show a little class'.

A second said: 'I like you a lot but don't you think this is too much ? You're a mother of 3', while another added 'You've just welcomed a baby into the world, sorry but this is in bad taste'.


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