Kim Kardashian has sparked debate after straightening North’s hair

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  • Kim Kardashian West has come under fire for straightening her five-year-old daughter's naturally curly hair but do you think she is in the wrong?

    Mum-of-three Kim Kardashian West is known for her love of fashion and beauty and it would be pretty surprising if her children didn’t also have an interest given how glamorous the whole Kardashian-Jenner family are.

    However, Kim has sparked debate online after she was spotted with her eldest daughter North who was rocking immaculately straight hair – a huge change from her usually curly locks.

    North recently turned five and enjoyed a joint unicorn-themed birthday bash with her cousin Penelope, where she debuted her straight hair.

    Several people have written on Twitter and on pictures Kim has posted to say they think it is a shame to change North’s naturally curly hair and that it fuels the idea that her natural beauty is not enough.

    One person wrote: ‘North West has always been the cutest but ever since they’ve been straightening her hair people have been acting like she just grew into this supermodel overnight . STRAIGHT HAIR DOESNT MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL. Don’t let them ruin her curls @KimKardashian ! 😩’.

    Another said: ‘Seeing north west’s hair straightened has taken a bit of my soul.’

    A third added: ‘It’s none of my business but I felt so concerned yesterday when I saw a pic of North West w/ her hair straightened 😰 like noooo her beautiful curlsssss’.

    All of Kim and Kanye’s children have naturally curly hair 

    Not everyone is as critical and several have pointed out that as North’s mum it is Kim’s choice. Many more fans of the Kardashians simply cannot get over how adorable and grown-up North looks.

    One person said: ‘@KimKardashian are people seriously that up in arms about North’s straight hair?! I think it looks gorgeous both straight and natural!’

    Another fan wrote: ‘Coming from a mother of a mixed race child, everyone talking about “why did you straighten her hair” 1. Maybe North asked for it that way. 2. Ummm all my mixed friends flat iron their hair sometimes 3. Yes she’s half black but she’s white too, curly/straight she can rock it all!’

    A third commented: ‘@KimKardashian can do what she wants with North’s hair, it’s her child.’

    What do you think of Kim’s decision to straighten North’s hair? Have you ever faced similar criticism? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences so head over to our Facebook page to join the conversation!