‘It has scarred me for life’ Kym Marsh reveals devastating impact of son’s stillbirth

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  • Kym Marsh has opened up in an emotional speech about how scared she was to lose daughter Polly after suffering a stillbirth with her baby boy.

    The former Hear’Say singer tragically suffered a stillbirth with her son Archie when she gave birth to him prematurely at just 23 weeks into her pregnancy, back in 2009.

    The actress opened up about her heartbreaking experience, taking to the stage at The Red Sea Pedestrians charity event to raise money for Saint Mary’s Hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

    Moving the audience to tears, Kym relived her tragic ordeal in front of hundreds, speaking honestly about her fears when giving birth to her daughter Polly two years later.

    Speaking about the first signs that something was wrong with her pregnancy with Archie, she said, ‘In February 2009, I was taken to hospital. I was experiencing some complications, and showing some signs of a possible infection.

    ‘But nothing could have prepared me what was to be the worst, and most painful journey of my life.

    ‘On examination, I was told that I was in fact in premature labour. The doctors intervened as best they could, and did everything they could to try and save my baby.

    ‘Sadly, my waters broke and I was told there was nothing more that could be done. There was no hope left. On February 11, after 48 hours of agonising, physical and mental pain, I gave birth to my son Archie.

    The mum went on to explain the impact that the event had on her, telling the audience ‘It was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do in my entire life.

    ‘Delivering my very, very tiny, but perfectly formed beautiful little boy – only to watch him try to take a breath, only to watch him fall asleep forever.

    ‘Losing a child is something that no-one should experience. It has scarred me for life, and left a hole that can never be filled.’

    Describing how she felt when she was told she may have to go into premature labour with her daughter, Kym said ‘I couldn’t believe that this could be happening twice.

    ‘The thought of losing another child was just simply unthinkable.’

    The Coronation Street star, who’s spoken out about her stillbirth in the past, explained that with the help of healthcare professionals she was able to avoid the trauma of a severely premature birth.

    ‘The specialists at St Mary’s performed a procedure to stop me going into early labour and I was put on immediate bed rest and I spent many months in and out of hospital or in bed at home drinking tea and watching TV.’

    Kym, 40, gave birth to Polly at 33 weeks, but revealed her ‘world started to crumble’ when her baby girl had to be put on a ventilator after suffering breathing difficulties.

    Kym with daughter Polly

    ‘Watching your own child in a tiny glass incubator, tubes everywhere, struggling to take breaths is heartbreaking and terrifying.

    ‘I stayed awake the whole night worrying, all sorts of things going through my head “what if, what if?”, hoping, praying that she would be okay.’

    Thanking staff at St. Mary’s for their support, Kym confirmed that Polly didn’t have to stay on a ventilator for long and her little girl is now a healthy and happy five year old.

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