Loose Women sparks HUGE debate over whether or not you should ask someone about their baby plans

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  • A Loose Women topic has sparked huge debate on social media over whether it’s appropriate to ask ‘the baby question’.

    Panellists Christine Lampard, Anne Diamond, Stacey Solomon and Jane Moore opened the discussion by referencing Anthony McPartlin, who has confirmed that he’s entered a rehab facility to address substance abuse issues, but has also reportedly struggled with anxiety around his battle to have children with wife Lisa.

    ‘We’d love to have kids. We’re trying. It’s tougher than you think when you get a bit older,’ he told The Sun in 2013.

    In light of the presenter’s recent admission, the Loose Women hosts asked their viewers if people should stop asking when someone will have a baby, or expand their brood, and the response was overwhelming.

    Stacey said that she didn’t feel there was any malice in the question and usually didn’t mind being asked, although the subject had led to a ‘heated debate’ between herself and boyfriend Joe Swash in the past.

    ‘Someone had asked the question and Joe had shrugged the comment off,’ she explained. ‘I had to have a conversation with him that night and had a heated debate with him about something we shouldn’t have been talking about at that point.’

    Christine, who married husband Frank Lampard in 2015 and is stepmum to his two daughters, said that she’s often asked about her future baby plans, joking that she’s trying to come up with ‘more creative ways’ to address the conversation.

    However, during a previous appearance on the show, she stated that ‘it’s not something I’d ever ask another girl’, and that she often found the enquiries insensitive.

    The show also conducted a poll on the matter which showed that 83% of the audience believed that people should stop asking people about their family planning.

    Many viewers also took to Twitter to voice their opinions, with one saying: ‘I used to get so upset when people asked me. I had to have ivf and luckily it worked.’

    Another wrote: ‘Totally agree with the ladies on @loosewomen Society are too quick to ask couples when they’re having family or marrying or why they haven’t’.

    ‘Many of us cant, and it hurts every damned time,’ a third admitted, whilst one tweeted: ‘I have been criticised all my life for not having children, no one stops to think it may have not been your choice.’

    ‘My work colleague assumes I only have one child because I couldn’t cope. If only she knew of the 3 babies I have lost,’ another fan revealed.

    Others mentioned that they did have children, but still get asked when they’re going to try for a baby of another gender: ‘I’ve got 2 beautiful boys and constantly get asked if I’m going to try again for a baby girl? It’s draining,’ admitted one.

    ‘Possible answers: we can’t, we don’t want, we’re having lots of sex trying, we’re early stages pregnant & waiting til scan. THEIR business!’ another declared.

    Would you ever ask someone whether they were planning to have a baby? Or do you get upset when people ask you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!