Lorraine Kelly defends parents who give children ‘a light smack once in a blue moon’

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  • Lorraine Kelly has weighed in on the smacking children debate, following the Scottish government’s announcement that it will implement a ban on parents using smacking to discipline their children.

    The TV presenter wrote about the issue for her column in the Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post, where she said that while she supports the government’s measure, she is not against parents who give children ‘a light smack once in a blue moon’.

    ‘So I welcome the Scottish Government’s plans to make it illegal for parents to use physical punishment to admonish their kids’, Lorraine wrote in her piece.

    However, the mum then goes on to say that this kind of behaviour is not the same as a parent smacking their children occasionally, and that she thinks it’s ‘unfair’ to put the two different behaviours in the same box.

    ‘But repeated attacks on a child are light years away from a one-off tap on the hand.

    Lorraine has a 23-year-old daughter

    ‘I’m not for a moment advocating this approach to parenthood. All I am saying is that in the real world parents can be shocked into smacking their kids if they run out into the road, are heading towards an open fire or likely to so something that puts them in jeopardy.

    ‘Surely it would be unfair to lump them in with a dangerous, out-of-control mother or father who thinks nothing of battering their kid on a daily basis.

    ‘A loving mum or dad who gives their child a light smack once in a blue moon is not the same as a violent parent.

    ‘So while I welcome any legislation that will protect children, I also don’t want to see loving parents being treated in the same way as violent tyrants.’

    Lorraine’s comments follow Scotland’s ban on smacking children, which the Scottish government announced last week.

    This will make Scotland the first part of the UK to introduce laws to stop parents from using physical punishment to discipline their kids.

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