‘Thank goodness we’re a superhero household’ Parents dub interactive Luvabella doll ‘creepy’

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  • We hate to say it but, Christmas is coming, and you can bet that those detailed lists are being crafted and that top toy

     expectations are high.

    This year, much in the same vain of the Hatchimal of last year, the Luvabella – an artificial intelligence doll – looks set to be one of the most requested items of the year.

    The first of its kind, Luvabella has over 500 unique responses, she giggles, talks, responds to affection and falls asleep.

    James Martin, Senior Vice president at Spin Master told HuffPost UK: ‘[Luvabella was] perfected over three years to create the most interactive and lifelike doll ever.’

    ‘Luvabella will stand out in the toy aisle this Christmas because of the real, loving moments and bond that children discover with the doll.’

    Priced at £99.99 and supplied by Spin Master, Luvabella is set to hit shelves in October – but when Facebook page ‘Best Products’ posted about the doll on their Facebook page, her wide-eyed stare unnerved many prospective buyers.

    Their caption read: ‘The Luvabella is going to be a MUST-HAVE toy this holiday season. Grab it while it’s still in stock.’ The comments quickly began to roll in, but not all of them were positive…

    Many followers of the page called the doll ‘creepy’ and said it looked like it was something from a ‘horror movie’, with even some even comparing it to horror movie doll, Chucky!

    One user commented: ‘Creepy – all it’s missing are the lines and it could be a ventriloquist doll,’ whilst a second agreed: ‘I’m creeped out.’

    Another posted: ‘Sorry, but that is one creepy-looking doll. Thank goodness we’re a superhero household.’

    Virtually nodding in agreement, this user said: ‘Yep I agree with y’all, too creepy… That grin is to literally die for.’

    ‘It’s a must if you want to scare your kids from playing with dolls ….’ another quipped.

    What do you think? Is this doll a little too lifelike or do people need to pipe down? Let us know in the comments box below?