Marina Fogle slammed for banning her two children from playing video games

Marina Fogle has been branded a ‘spoil sport’ after revealing she has banned her two children from playing video games.

Marina Fogle has been branded a 'spoil sport' after revealing she has banned her two children from playing video games.

The 41-year-old – who shares Ludo, eight, and Iona, six with husband Ben Fogle – said it was irresponsible to introduce children to something as 'addictive' as gaming during an appearance on Good Morning Britain today.

Marina appeared on the show to debate how long children should be allowed to spend playing video games following the rocketing popularity of the game Fortnite, which many parents have said their children spend hours on end playing.

But not Marina’s two children, because she believes spending too much time in front of screens is 'detrimental' to their health.

'I have so far managed to resist', she said. 'I really do question how sensible it is to invite something that we know is very addictive, computer games are very addictive.'

She added: 'We know how detrimental excessive screentime is to children's health.'

Marina also pointed out that the World Health Organisation now classifies addiction to gaming as a mental health problem.

Marina Fogle

But many viewers disagreed with Marina’s argument.

One said: 'I think the fact the people on these shows who argue against gaming, processed foods and the likes are ALWAYS pretentious and stuck up af says a lot about their views.’

Another added: 'I notice the fun police are out again. Let kids enjoy games.'

A third commented: 'Ummmm stopping your kids play games altogether? Why not boundaries and restrictions safely on a game surly that would only then teach them boundaries and restrictions in life? Why not actual parent effectively?’

While a fourth simply said: 'This spoil sport'.

Another viewer appeared to really take offence to Marina's opinion, tweeting: 'This mum who is against gaming needs to get in the trash and stay there'.

Marina's opponent in the debate was fellow parent Jess Warner, who said her sons spend 10 hours a week gaming, but also play football for 16 hours a week.

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