Ben Fogle's wife on why she's raising her children in a 'naked household'

Marina Fogel says that being honest is not always easy - but it is the best thing you can do as a parent

Marina Fogle has revealed that she and her TV star husband Ben Fogle 'talk openly about sex' with their children and choose to live in a 'naked house' to inspire body positivity.

The mother of two explained that she wanted her children to feel comfortable in their bodies and living in a 'naked house' would help this in world obsessed with filters.

Marina and Ben are parents to son Ludo, 8, and six-year-old daughter Iona. Writing in the Mail on Sunday Marina spoke openly and confidently about her decision. She said: 'I've never been shy about my body, and Ben and I enjoy piling in to the bath with our children.

'I've never been prudish about them seeing me naked, and they certainly aren't fazed by it. However, as Ludo matures emotionally and physically, I have wondered whether I ought to reconsider our blasé attitude to nudity.'

She continued: 'I heave a sigh of relief that my imperfect body - cesarean-scarred and stretch-marked, and with breasts that bear the hallmarks of two well-fed babies - is still serving to give my children a healthy view of what a normal body looks like in a world of Instagram filters.

'If my years of parenting have taught me anything, it's that honesty, although not always easy, is your friend.'

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Ben posted this adorable picture of Marina and the kids back in August 2017

Marina found that being honest with her son Ludo about her tragic stillbirth experience in 2014 helped the whole family grieve better. She explained: 'Since witnessing how raw honesty intensified our relationship and helped my son compute grief, I concluded that approaching the 'sex talk' with similar openness would be equally positive. And indeed it was.'

Marina admitted: 'I am ashamed to say I fobbed them off with stories of storks and 'special hugs', thinking that they were too innocent to be exposed to the world of sex.'

When the children quizzed Marina one day about how 'the seed actually gets inside' a tummy, she gave them an honest answer without the fluff and frills.

Marina said: 'I told them the basic truth.'

''When a man and woman love each other,' I began,'the man puts his penis into the woman's vagina. This makes the man's seed go into the woman which fertilises the egg and makes a baby.''


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