‘I’m at my worst’ Mum blogger shares VERY honest post about sex during pregnancy

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  • Australian mummy blogger Mel Watts, known as The Modern Mumma to her 80,000 Facebook fans, has shared a VERY honest post about the realities of having sex with her husband while expecting.

    Already a mother to three, Mel has found success thanks to her honest, funny blog posts about being a young mum (she had her son at 20) who doesn’t shy away from the less glamorous parts of pregnancy, and her latest upload is no exception.

    In the Facebook post, which has received nearly 3,000 likes so far, Mel, who is expecting her fourth child, admits that despite her best intentions, she feels like a ‘beached whale’ and is in no mood for intimacy.

    ‘I’m going to be the best sex goddess ever,’ she says she promised herself of her most recent pregnancy. ‘We try. I really think we do. I know how I got in this situation and I promised myself this time would be different.’

    Mel is undoubtedly feeling like a lot of mums-to-be who struggle to feel desirable to their husbands whilst carrying their children – but despite ‘a rash on my stomach from stretching skin’ and ‘wearing a liner – not because I’m that kind of wet’, she is lucky enough to have a partner who’s still totally besotted with her.

    ‘I’m filled with 10 fingers, 10 toes and all sorts of body parts that stick out. And he’d still happily call me beautiful and sexy.

    ‘What is wrong with this man?’ she asks. ‘I’m at my worst. I’m leaking, I stink, I moan and [sic] groan, I’m hairy and I reckon I’ve have more sweat under my titties than he’s have on his gooch on the hottest summers day. And he still wants me,’ she concludes.

    ‘Maybe he’s one of those people that like this kinda situation? Or maybe he is just an amazing, caring doting and a terrible liar partner of an over emotional stretched pregnant wife. Either way – I’ll keep him.’