Mother and daughter tattoos: The beautiful way women are marking their bond

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  • Would you ever consider getting a mother daughter tattoo with your child?

    It’s a decision that more and more women around the world are making, choosing to mark the beauty of their bond with mother and daughter tattoos that celebrate the love they have for each other.

    From small, intricate inkings to bold, text statements, the mother daughter tattoos all represent a special moment between the pair – going under the needle together. For some, it’s their first tattoo, for others, its an addition to an already vast collection – but either way, it always ends up being one of the most meaningful inkings on their bodies.

    Looking to get your own matching mother daughter tattoo with your own mum or child? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the most stunning (and clever!) mother and daughter tattoos the internet has to offer, to provide you with a little inspiration…

    Text tattoos make a sweet, simple statement

    As do little matching symbols


    You can ensure you’re always holding each other’s hands

    Or mark your favourite way to spend time together

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    Especially if the apple really didn’t fall far from the tree…

    It doesn’t matter if the placement is different

    Or the design

    I did the cutest lil mother/daughter tattoos today πŸ‘―

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    Or even if only half of the image is on your body

    It’s the meaning behind that tattoo that counts

    Floral designs are a popular theme

    As are pets you’ve shared in the past

    But whatever mother daughter tattoo you choose


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    It’ll always be the most important tattoo you’ve got

    It's done! #motherdaughtertattoo #butterflytattoo

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    And one that you’ll never, ever regret

    Because it’s for the most important women in your life

    And what could be more beautiful than that?

    Do you and your mum or child have matching mother and daughter tattoos already? We’d love to see them – share your pictures with us in the comment box below!