'Let them learn' Mum blogger causes controversy after admitting she won't baby-proof her home

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A mum blogger has caused controversy amongst fellow parents after admitting that she doesn't go to extra lengths to baby-proof her home, instead believing in the importance of her children learning for themselves.

Abby Plested, 23, from Auckland, New Zealand, regularly impresses her 12.4k Instagram followers with pictures of her pristine home and enviable wardrobe, but in a recent interview with a New Zealand-based website, Abby revealed the mantra that she and her family live by: 'let them learn and they won't do it again.'

'Sure there is a place and a need to baby-proof some parts of your home however, I think you can get over the top with it,' she told The Mail.

'I have never put baby gates up in my home or stairs because I think it's important for the baby to learn boundaries without these. Yes it means you have to watch your baby more but you are most likely doing that anyway.'

She continues, 'Everyone is different and parents have different lifestyles but I think that sometimes we can change our whole house style to suit kids but maybe it's possible for them to be built into that style.'

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But commenters and fellow parents seemed less than impressed with Abby's views, with many suggesting her actions are irresponsible and likely to result in dangerous circumstances.

'Yep, when they fall down the stairs and get brain damage they will learn their lesson,' says the top rated comment.

'After the first time the child falls down the flight of stairs, they probably won't do it again. If the child does survive the fall uninjured, this silly woman will realise how stupid she was and put a gate at the top of the stairs,' says another.

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But Abby has been careful to point out that she understands the importance of being vigilant a setting boundaries, and when it comes to letting her children learn from their mistakes, she's not talking about extremes.

'I have cactus in my house and Houston touched it once and he will never go near them again,' she reassures readers.

'Trust me.'


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