Mum splits opinion after revealing her mum requested payment for babysitting grandchildren

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  • A mum has expressed her shock after her own mother asked to be repaid the money she spent looking after her grandchildren.

    Taking to a popular parenting forum, the mum explained how she had asked her mother to babysit her two children for three days during half-term.

    She said: ‘My mother came down at half term for 3 days to look after my 2 kids. I am grateful she did as it saved me 3 days in school club fees.

    ‘I bought lots of food and made sure there was enough of everything in the house. My mother decided on a couple of occasions to take the kids out for lunch & to go out & about.’

    Writing on Mumsnet, she then asked if she was being unreasonable for being annoyed at her mother for wanting to be reimbursed.

    The mum added: ‘Spoke to her yesterday & she asked me for all the money back that she had spent on the kids including the train fair. I was a bit shocked but now I am wondering if aibu.

    ‘We are quite skint at the moment and this is why I asked her to come down – we took her out for a meal when she was here to say thankyou aswell.

    ‘Her & her husband have just renovated a new house & spent 50k doing it up, as she told me. We rent and are just about getting by and she knew that was the reason I asked her to come down.

    ‘She said to me last night that they are pensioners so don’t have much money despite just moving house. She only sees my kids twice a year anyway.

    ‘I just don’t know what to think- I feel really upset – apart from anything I don’t have the money to give back to her anyway.’

    Fellow mums were just as shocked with her mother’s request, with many users saying she was both rude and cheeky to ask for the money back.

    One said: ‘She should have mentioned this before hand. Just tell her you haven’t got the money.’

    Another added: ‘She’s being cheeky to ask for this afterwards, she should have told you in advance that she wouldn’t be happy paying for anything and then you could have decided whether she was still going to come.’

    A third said: ‘She’s out of order. How mean. Tell her she should have asked you in advance if she wanted you to pay, and say no. I’d be really hurt.’

    And a fourth added: ‘She should have told you in advance if she was expecting payment and the days/lunches out should have been agreed with you before they happened.’

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