Mum sparks debate because she won’t allow her three-year-old daughter to wear a bikini

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  • A mum has sparked a heated debate after saying she thinks it’s inappropriate for toddlers to wear bikinis.

    The mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet to explain that she doesn’t allow her three-year-old daughter to wear a two-piece because she feels bikinis turn little girls into ‘mini adults’.

    She said: ‘I keep seeing these in the shops and I don’t get it. Personally I prefer my own daughter (who is three) to be covered on the beach so that she doesn’t burn. I’d probably put her in one of those swimsuits that’s like shorts and tshirt.

    ‘I’d put her in a swimming costume at an indoor pool. I wouldn’t bat an eyelid at a preschool aged child running around naked or in pants.

    ‘But I don’t understand the bikini trend for toddlers – Why does a 3 year old need something to cover their chest on the beach or at the pool??

    ‘Urgh. Why are we trying to turn our children into mini adults at every turn?’

    While some parents agreed that bikinis were ‘too grown up’ for small children, others accused the mum of being unreasonable and judgemental.

    One Mumsnet user said in agreement: ‘I don’t like bikinis on babies and toddlers. They seem a bit grown up to me.’

    Another added: ‘My problem is with clothing that looks as though its been designed with an adult in mind…. Such as skimpy triangle bikini tops, shoes for toddlers with 3 inch heels.’

    While a third said: ‘I think bikinis on toddlers are ghastly! Bikini tops are for concealing/supporting boobs. Let toddlers wear something comfortable and free, they have plenty of time to wear bikinis when they hit puberty.’

    While one in disagreement said: ‘A 3 year old doesn’t need to cover her chest but what’s the harm with a cute, trendy little outfit?!?’

    Another added: ‘Save the judginess for more important stuff, I say.’

    While a third said: ‘You are being unreasonable and judgy… Of course we should cover up their skin in the sun but wat about at the swimming pool. A bikini is less revealing that just the bottoms that we dress our boys in. Should girls feel ashamed of their chest?’

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