Mum reveals heartwarming reason she uses paper plates at EVERY meal

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  • A mum’s heartwarming reason for using paper plates as a way to spend more time with her children has gone viral on social media.

    The unknown mum revealed to blogger Annie that she uses paper plates all the time so she can spend more time playing with her kids, instead of wasting precious hours cleaning up after meals.

    Annie was so touched by the mum’s reason, that she shared it on her blog Laughter and Kisses.

    Explaining that she was behind the mum at Costco, an American wholesale grocery store, Annie admitted that she noticed the mum was buying ‘a massive amount of paper plates. Even for Costco standards!’

    Annie said: ‘The cashier politely asked if she was having a graduation party or something. She responded no. “I used them at every meal. You see I have young kids, and I get stuck with meal clean up all the time. This is the one thing I treat myself to. I way rather be spending that time with my kids then doing the dishes.’

    Later that week, Annie said that she decided to opt for paper plates, and ended up roasting marshmallows and playing football with her kids instead of spending her leftover energy on the dishes.

    ‘I treated myself to a stack of paper plates and a life time of memories with my kids this week!’ Annie revealed.

    Many other parents agreed with Annie and the disposable dish-loving mum, claiming that paper plates sound like the perfect resolution to get more quality time in with their kids.

    One said: ‘This is fantastic. I’m going to give myself permission to do the same!’

    Another added: ‘This is genius! I have two kids so cleaning those four plates total can sometimes take hours, even if I just pop them into the dishwasher. Everyone should do this!’

    And a third said: ‘Oh, SO true! I only treat myself to this when we have them leftover from some other type of occasion, but maybe I should make it more of a thing around here!’

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