Mum reveals heartbreak after discovering four-month-old daughter developed cancer in the womb

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  • A mum has faced the devastating news that her four-month-old daughter developed a form of childhood cancer while still in the womb.

    Little Penelope was born with a bruised lump on her neck that gradually started to grow. Convinced that something was wrong, Penelope’s mum Emily decided to have it checked out.

    However, Emily said that despite her worry, she was told that nothing was seriously wrong with her little girl.

    On Penelope’s go fund me page, Emily said: ‘Everywhere I went nobody would listen to me and I kept getting told that she has reflux, colic, constipation etc.

    ‘Over time Penelope was getting progressively worse. On the 4th October we saw our local health nurse who was extremely concerned about P’s distended stomach and go to the hospital ASAP.’

    Penelope was then diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS).

    Image: Pennies for Princess P/gofundme

    The form of cancer is a tumour that originates in the body’s soft tissues, including the muscles and tendons. Emily added that her daughter’s tumour began growing while she was still in the womb before growing to around 15cm.

    Because Penelope is so small, doctors have ruled out radiation, and because her tumour is so large she must have major surgery.

    Emily said: ‘Penelope has already had one round of chemo and is currently on her second round and on December 21st she will have an MRI that will determine whether she has another round of chemo or surgery.

    ‘Her doctors and specialists have informed me that chemotherapy will be continued for several months and up to 2 years after surgery to make sure any secondaries are killed off.’

    The single mum has set up a go fund me page to help pay for products that help Penelope feed and catch up with her growth. She also needs expensive creams and medication due to her chemotherapy and location of the tumour.

    Writing on her go fund me page, Emily said: ‘P is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, she is the light of my life I would be completely lost without her.’

    She later added: ‘It’s been a rough journey so far and we still have a long road ahead of us. I am determined to give my baby girl the best chance at life as I want her to develop and have the same experiences as other infants her age.’