Mum hits back at potty training shamers by wearing nappies HERSELF

The humorous video, by an American mum, sees her wearing a nappy and showing her viewers how great the experience is

One American mum has hit back at the people who has criticised her son for wearing nappies at three years old by trying the experience for herself.

Liz, who blogs under the name Momsohard, shared a humourous video of herself to her YouTube channel which shows her wearing nappies and explaining, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, how great they can be for adults too.

She starts the video by saying: 'Some people were concerned as to why my son was still wearing diapers at three-and-a-half, so I thought I'd show you why wearing diapers is friggin awesome.'

The next clip shows her on the bed with a laptop, where she jokingly says she's been watching Netflix for five days, without having to move - thanks to the diaper she is wearing.

After this, she moves to the car, where she says: 'Going on a road trip and don't want to take any stops - you don't have to worry about that!', as she reveals she's wearing a nappy.

The cheeky video also sees her sees her doing yoga in the nappy, to 'avoid any accidents', and concludes with her children and her dancing around together - with the nappy still on.

The NHS states that children can start to be potty trained at 18 months, but it can take some children longer than this to learn the process, meaning that it's not uncommon for three-year-olds to still be wearing nappies.

The Momsohard YouTube channel, which Liz only started a month ago, has already had over 5,000 views across the channel, with more than 3,000 of those views attributed to this video.

She uploads new clips every Monday, where she talks about the challenges she faces throughout her experience of motherhood, and shares observations about life with her young family, all with a similarly comical angle.

Other videos she's posted include 'Gross Things Moms Do' and 'Lazy Mom Life Hacks'.

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