Mum hits back at shoppers who laughed at her son for choosing fairy wings at a toy store

'I don't care if they're supposed to be for boys or girls, if it makes him happy then who cares'

A mum has hit back at shoppers who called her a 'bad parent' and 'laughed at' her little boy for wearing fairy wings, saying that she will 'love him unconditionally' whatever he wants to wear or play with.

Sharon Coombs, from Bristol, has written an inspiring Facebook post, proclaiming her unconditional love for her son who was recently made to feel embarrassed for picking out fairy wings at a toy shop.

Sharon explained how she and her son Ollie were enjoying a trip to the store when he spotted some oversized pink fairy wings and immediately tried them on.

Despite instantly falling in love with his new accessory, Ollie and his mum's joy was short lived as 'a couple of people walk past, point over and laugh at him and decide to discuss between them how I'm a bad parent that's going to get my son bullied because I let him dress and play with 'girls stuff' and how he's gonna be gay.'

Sharon described her shock as she explained that someone's choice of toy or clothing does not determine their sexuality, and even if it did 'there would be absolutely nothing wrong if he was gay it makes no difference whatsoever to me or anyone else I love and support him unconditionally'.

She continued: 'Literally could not believe my ears. He is who he is and no amount of toys or clothes will make a difference to that it's not a lifestyle choice.'

'If he wants to dress up or play with 'girls stuff' then so be it, don't care if they're supposed to be for boys or girls, if it makes him happy then who cares.'

The pair purchased the item, and Ollie loved his new fairy wings so much she had to 'peel the exact same pair of fairy wings offa him whilst asleep because he loved them so much.'

'Children are influenced massively by others and we should be teaching them to be kind and accepting,' she concluded. 'It just makes me so sad that in this day and age people are still so narrow minded and judgemental.'

Hundred of Facebook users have reacted to and commented on Sharon's post in agreement, with many sharing their own children's dressing up preferences.

One user said: 'You just said exactly how it should be in your last sentence, 'we should be teaching them to be kind and accepting'. I always have, but so many haven't, and sadly it shows which children are which!'

'My little boy went through a phase of wearing Alice bands, skirts, and fairy dresses to be like his older sisters. I never stopped it, but now of his own accord he's always dressed as a super hero, and his younger sister is often Darth Vader or Spider-Man!'

Another commented: 'I totally agree. Toys/objects do not have an assigned gender so what's the problem. My son loves to play make overs, hairdressing, paint his nails and play with dolls. His fave show is My Little Pony. He's happy.'

'It doesn't matter what other people think. Why can't they keep their judgemental stereo-typing to themselves - it serves no constructive purpose. So pleased to see there are others out there like me!'