Mum warns parents of vacuum danger after her toddler suffers fourth-degree burns

The mum-of-one said she felt like 'the world's worst mum' after the incident

A mum has posted a warning to Facebook alerting other parents to the dangers of letting their child near a vacuum, after her toddler suffered fourth-degree burns while she was hoovering the house.

Mum-of-one Jade Bishop admitted she felt 'like the world's worst mum' in a Facebook post where she shared the terrifying moment her 16-month-old son got his hand caught under the vacuum, leaving him with serious burns and exposed tendons.

Now Jade is keen to help other parents by raising awareness about what can happen if your little one gets hold of the hoover.

As she began her post, the 23 year old admitted she had felt reluctant to share what had happened.

'So I wasn't going to post this for a few reasons, mainly the criticism from people and the fact that I felt like the world's worst mum, but it appears to be a lot more common that i ever realised!

'I just want people to realise the dangers of children and vacuum cleaners!'

The mum went to on explain that her toddler, Theo, often enjoys watching her hoover, and it's not unusual for him to follow her about as she cleans.

'So basically my little man being the inquisitive 16month old he is loves to follow me around while I Hoover up the house , yep no big deal he even pushes it and helps me occasionally.'

But sadly, what should have been a sweet moment shared between a mother and her son, turned into a nightmare when Jade heard Theo begin to scream.

'I turn the vacuum (dyson) off and turn my back to unplug it from the wall, I hear Theo turn it back on, turn my head to hear him screaming.

'I yank the plug from the wall and he has managed to put his thumb in the bottom of the dyson where the bristles spin at a crazy speed, I go to him quicker than I ever have to see he's got a Nasty looking burn on his hand!'

Jade reflects how she immediately took her son to the minor injuries unit, but didn't realise that his burns were a lot more serious than she originally anticipated.

'I Get him straight to the minor injuries unit (crying my eyes out panicking) thinking we would be dressed, bandaged and sent on our way to heal!

'But no, we are referred to Bristol children's hospital to see burns specialists and plastic surgeons the next day, with a 4th degree burn and possibly exposed tendons.

'They are now talking about possibilities of skin grafts and surgery & nasty scarring with restricted movement as he grows, having his burn cleaned and redressed every 3days and a appointment with specialists weekly!'

Jade, who lives in Somerset, continued to plead with parents to never let their children near a vacuum cleaner, remarking how her son's injuries happened after 'no longer than 5 seconds of having his thumb in that Hoover!'

'Please please please do not let your children near the vacuum cleaners!! After talking with my nurse and her telling me just how common this kind of burn is!

'But making people aware of it could stop just one more tiny finger or thumb from ending up like this.'


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