Mum issues warning about DIY slime after daughter suffers chemical burns

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  • A mum has issued a warning about the DIY slime craze, after her daughter suffered serious chemical burns from playing with it.

    Rebekha D’Stephano, from Manchester, took to Facebook to share her story with other parents in a bid to warn them about the dangers of letting children play with slime.

    In the post, Rebekha explains how her daughter suffered chemical burns after playing with slime that she made herself following a recipe they saw on YouTube.

    ‘My little Queen has been making slime off YouTube…. they call it Unicorn Slime or Tie Dye Slime, crazy names, all in really pretty and funky colours. I went and bought DeeJay all the ingredients and let her make it’, the mum wrote on Facebook.

    According to Rebekha, her daughter began to get blisters on her hands after playing with the slime, and her skin eventually started peeling.

    The girl was later diagnosed with chemical burns and will have to undergo plastic surgery. Rebekha, who’s now urging other parents not to let their children play with slime, also added that her little girl was in a lot of pain.

    ‘3 weeks later we are looking at plastic surgery on her hands from a burns department at Hospital. She started with blisters, then her skin peeled and now it’s burnt from chemical burns!!!

    ‘She is in so much pain and she is being a warrior through it all. Sorry to tag so many of you in this post but it’s every parents nightmare to see your baby in pain!

    ‘DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS!! Their are no warnings on these YouTube channels at all!!!’, Rebekha wrote.

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    Homemade slime often contains borax, a chemical sometimes used as a insecticide or cleaning product which can be toxic if not safely diluted.

    Experts have previously warned parents about the potential hazards of the chemical used in many DIY slime recipes. The trend for making home made slime has been growing in recent years, fuelled by a huge popularity in social media networks.

    Have you made home made slime with your children? Let us know in the comments!

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