‘It can happen to anyone and everyone’ Mum issues warning to parents after daughter ‘overdosed’ on medication

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  • A mum has issued a warning to other parents after her three-year-old daughter overdosed on medication she managed to reach in the kitchen cupboard.

    Stevie Niki, a mum blogger from Australia, shared the warning with other parents on social media, explaining how the incident happened and how it can happen to anyone.

    Stevie thought her three year old was playing in her room, which is ‘totally safe and kid proof’, while she was spending time with her auntie outside, watching her niece and her two other children play.

    It was only when they went inside and saw the dining chairs stacked by the cupboard and empty medication container on the floor that they realised what had happened.


    ‘The medicine cupboard is higher than my head, above our microwave and difficult for even I to reach, but she managed to push both stacks of chairs from the other side of the kitchen and use them to scale to the height of the cupboard, open it and get the half full container of prescription medication and some brightly coloured strepsils sitting next to it down from the cupboard’, Stevie wrote in her post.

    She took her to hospital but thankfully the medication was just ‘slow release Melatonin’, which is an artificial version of the naturally occurring hormone that helps us relax and sleep.

    But the event left the mum-of-four thinking about what could have happened, which is why she’s warning other parents to never become ‘complacent’.

    ‘It’s easy to do, we fall into our daily routines, let our guards down within the comfort zone of our own child proof homes and never expect tragedy will ever hit us’, the mum wrote.

    ‘It’s easy to think “that wont happen to us” but IT CAN, it can happen to anyone and everyone. I have no doubt that thousands of accidents lead to tragedy each day. All it takes is the turn of a head, a lapse in judgement, children just playing or a parent momentarily preoccupied for an accident or mistake to happen.’


    However, the mum also said that even though you can never be too vigilant, accidents can happen and it’s important not to judge or let your parent guilt take over.

    ‘You can never be too vigilant when it comes to your children but also remember accidents happen to all of us, even the most cautious of us. So don’t be too quick to judge, instead you too can learn from my mistake and instead of criticising me, try to empathise with me because there is nothing no one could say that could make me feel worse about it than I already do’, she wrote.

    ‘Tell you what, this year so far I have managed to break my babies nose, lose my three year old in a shopping centre and now – have her overdose. Worst parent of the year award goes to me.

    ‘But I know I’m a good Mum, I love my kids and they love me, I try my best and sometimes I fail. Let it be a reminder to us all, these things can happen to us all.’