Mum opens up about the ‘guilt’ of being a working mum in emotional post on social media

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  • Adele Barbaro, a mummy blogger from Australia, has written a Facebook post urging people to be kind to the new mum in their work place as she opens up about the guilt and judgement she faced when she returned to work.

    Once you’ve given birth to your child, the reality of becoming a parent really kicks in. You’ve got a new life to care for and so many more responsibilities.

    If and when you decide to transition back to work, it can be incredibly tough and you certainly don’t need your colleagues weighing in on your choices.

    This is exactly what mum-of-two Adele Barbaro is trying to stress in one of her latest Facebook posts.

    Adele writes: ‘You know the new mum at work? (Insert eye roll) The one that is leaving early because day care has called…… again. The Mum that only talks about her kids in the lunch room.

    ‘That Mum who is forever taking days off. And the one, that has a shorter working week and gets an extra day off? Don’t judge.’

    Adele explains that when new mums come back to work they are battling to be the best parent and employee they can, but it is tough.

    She goes on to say then when a new mum does have a day off, it often looks like the picture she has posted, just a mum with her baby trying to overcome the exhaustion.

    Adele continued: ‘And on their “day off’?” Well, this is what it often looks like. This is what they are up to when they are not at work. There’s no coffee with friends or shopping sprees, beach trips or salon visits.

    ‘It’s being rundown with hairy legs, mum buns and boogie filled snuggles. It’s selfless and can be bloody relentless.’

    Finishing the post, Adele urged people not to give the new mum in their workplace a hard time. She said: ‘I’m very lucky to work in a workplace now that gets it. But in previous roles I’ve felt the eye rolls and the guilt.

    ‘Know that the new mum is finding her feet. The missed days at work are short lived. And behind the dark eyes is the same women that was first hired…. and she will be back. But she just needs a little understanding and a knowing smile.’ Adele regularly posts about the trials and tribulations of parenthood 

    The post resonated with many parents and received 20,000 reactions and over 7,000 shares.

    One person wrote:’I love this!!! One month after returning to work I had 2 days off with my 5 month old little girl who had a cold virus and wouldn’t sleep. I was called in for a formal chat about my continued absence at work!’

    Another said: ‘Great post and so true! When you work part time people always comment, especially as you’re clocking off on your last working day of the week. I’d always just make some remark about how it was my last PAID working day of the week and that I never really got a day off!!!’