Mum whose baby died in her arms brought him back to life thanks to CPR skills

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  • One mum’s worst nightmare came true when her 19-month-old son died in her arms following a cardiac arrest.

    However, Chantelle Wardrop miraculously managed to bring her little boy back to life through her quick thinking and first aid knowledge. Seth Whatley, Chantelle’s son, stopped breathing and turned blue while being read a story on his mum’s lap. Chantelle has described the moment her little boy’s heart stopped but explains how she performed CPR straight away, which was key to his survival.

    Appearing on Australian TV show Sunrise, Chantelle said: ‘I just knew I had to save him no matter what it took’. Paramedics have said that Seth almost certainly would not have survived had Chantelle not acted so quickly, proving just how important knowing child CPR is.

    ‘He just collapsed in my arms and I was just trying to save him because he started turning blue and stopped breathing.

    ‘I knew I had to find help and start doing CPR straight away.’

    An Australian newspaper, The Courier-Mail, reported that Chantelle rushed Seth out onto the driveway immediately to start the CPR. ‘She brought him back, because he had died in her arms,’ Chantelle’s mother, and Seth’s grandmother, Tina Wardrop said.

    Later doctors diagnosed Seth with a heart condition so rare it affects just on in a billion people.

    Chantelle Wardrop

    Update: Seths fully awake now due to him needing his body to build up strength before they start some more tests to see what the trigger was that bought on the cardiac arrest. We are now in a Cardiac…

    Chantelle kept family and friends updated on Seth’s condition through a series of Facebook posts. Following his first round of treatment Chantelle wrote in one post that she still had ‘a lot of unanswered questions,’ but that she was ‘;taking the small wins like cuddles for the first time since Thursday.’

    Since Seth’s first diagnosis Chantelle and Seth’s dad, Aaron Whatley, have had to quit work to care full time for their little boy. Seth’s grandma Tina has set up a Go Fund Me Page and has raised more than $2,800 dollars so far.

    ‘He is our little miracle and is in our lives and in this world for a reason, against all the odds,’ Seth’s grandma Tina writes.