Mum shares warning about car seat strap covers after her baby was thrown from seat during crash

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  • A mum has taken to social media to warn others about the dangers of using seat belt covers.

    Hannah McKinney Pope hit Facebook to pen a powerful post about a scary situation which saw her two-month-old baby daughter Robin ejected from her seat and flung across her car as it crashed.

    ‘PSA to all parents and soon to be parents! These were on my 2 month old daughter’s car seat when she was involved in a flip over car accident,’ her status began.

    ‘The vehicle cart wheeled twice and rested on its side, She was ejected from the seat due to the sheep skin seat belt covers. When we got to the vehicle all straps were tight and in tact plus car seat still in base still attached to seat but with the force of the vehicle the sheep skin slid against her shirt and made her go flying out.’

    Clearly shaken up by the event, Hannah went on to let fellow mums and dads know that such accessories will in fact void the warranty of a car seat that’s been in a collision.

    Hannah McKinney Pope

    PSA to all parents and soon to be parents! These were on my 2 month old daughters car seat when she was involved in a flip over car accident. The vehicle cart wheeled twice and rested on its side,…

    ‘Please please please people DO NOT put things on a car seat that did not come that way from the manufacturer. Plus anything on a car seat in a accident voids the warranty,’ the American mum continued.

    ‘We had to learn the hard way and I thank god everyday that he had his hands on her! They may look cute and it may be soft but for your child’s safety don’t do it. We attended a car seat safety class at children’s health care of Atlanta and it was a real eye opener.’

    Little Robin suffered a fractured arm from the impact.

    It’s hardly a surprise that Hannah’s upload quickly went viral on the social networking site, with thousands keen to share and others quick to comment on it.

    ‘I am so glad you are posting this! Many people don’t know that anything that didn’t come with your car seat is extremely unsafe,’ said one. ‘I am so glad your baby is okay’ agreed another.

    It is vital that a child travels in an appropriate child restraint that is an EU-approved height-based child car seat. Only these car seats can be used in the UK under government law, and must have a label showing a capital ‘E’ in a circle and ‘R129’. By law, a car seat must be suitable for your child’s weight and size and also be correctly fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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