Mum sparks huge debate by asking if she should take her children to beauty appointments

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  • A mum has sparked a huge debate after asking if she was unreasonable to take her children to an appointment at a laser hair removal clinic.

    Taking to Mumsnet to pose the question to her fellow users, she explained that she was a single mum, and had taken her kids along to other, similar appointments without encountering any problems.

    ‘It’s a 10 minute procedure which I’ve been having a course of over months so I’ve always left them (either one or both) sitting on the chairs in reception with my phone to watch tv (very quietly) or pencils and colouring pads,’ she wrote. ‘They never run around or misbehave as they’ve done this a lot’.

    ‘This clinic is nationwide (uk) and I’ve been to various locations for a couple of other (quick) procedures and left the kids in reception (the reception is always very quiet and receptionists always offer to keep an eye). I know it’s not ideal but figured it’s just what people do. Have I got this totally wrong?’

    She added that it was the first time she’d ever been told it was ‘not okay’, saying: ‘They told me I could leave the kids sitting in the costa coffee opposite (obviously I was never going to do that!) or get someone to watch them…which is going to be really tricky for me. I can’t see why I can’t leave them sitting safely in their reception for 10 mins like I’ve always done.’

    However, whilst the user seemed to be confused about why there was an issue, many of the commenters who responded were surprised that she couldn’t understand why the clinic had reacted in this way.

    Users were surprised that the poster expected reception staff to take responsibility

    ‘Why should the reception staff be responsible for your kids?’ one asked. ‘I wouldn’t dream of taking kids to an appointment unless it was for them – YABU, your childcare issues are not their problem.’

    ‘Unfortunately you are,’ a second, more sympathetic poster agreed. ‘I remember going to get my nails done as a treat just before I had my first child and fondly imagining appointments during my mat leave til it was politely explained that I wouldn’t be able to take the [then] baby with me.’

    ‘You are leaving them under the supervision of the receptionist without seeking her permission. If she gets distracted or called away then nobody is supervising your kids. YABU,’ a third declared.

    ‘You need to check in advance if you want somebody to mind your DC and not take offence if they decline. Not all DC are as well behaved as yours.’

    Others said that their opinion would have depended on the age of the children – a fact which the original mum didn’t share.

    ‘How old are the kids? 14 – fine. 4 – not fine,’ one detailed. ‘Basically if they need a babysitter and you’re assuming the receptionist will do that yabu.’

    Would you take your children along to your own appointment? Let us know your thoughts on the debate in the comment section below!