Mum-to-be advised not to attend a work function because her baby bump looked ‘unprofessional’

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  • A mum-to-be has taken to the internet to reveal a co-worker told her she shouldn’t attend a prestigious work function because her baby bump would make her look ‘unprofessional’.

    The expectant mother who was 25-weeks-pregnant opened up in a forum about how offended she felt to be discriminated against because of looking obviously pregnant.

    Writing on Mumsnet, the user who is known as ‘Crapuccino’ started the thread ‘weirdest pregnancy comments you’ve had’ to describe her exchange with her colleague.

    Explaining that the co-workers were standing by the photocopier having ‘meaningless chit-chat’, Crapuccino said, ‘Conversation today (as best as I can remember it), whilst making meaningless chit-chat by the photocopier. For context I’m 25 weeks pregnant but already look ready to drop…’

    She continued to recount the conversation they had exchanged, ‘Colleague: ‘How’s everything?”

    ‘Me: ‘Really good! I’ve been invited to [extremely prestigious thing] next week so I’m really nervous. You?”

    ‘Colleague: ‘Erm… you’re going to go?”

    ‘Me: ‘Sure, why?”

    ‘Colleague: ‘Well… won’t it look… a bit…”

    ‘Me: …?’

    ‘Colleague: ‘Well you’re pregnant. Won’t it look a bit unprofessional?”

    ‘Me: confused hmm ‘Er, yeah, anyway, I think my copying is done.”

    The mum then asked for the opinions of other forum users, saying, ‘anyone else had any really… weird… comments whilst pregnant?’

    Other mums rushed to comment with messages of solidarity, with many sharing their own ‘weird’ pregnancy stories.

    One user said, ‘Unprofessional? How weird of her haha. You pregnant ladies should all be hidden away, why are you even at work? It’s not very becoming you know.

    ‘When I started telling people I was pregnant, three separate people asked me who’s baby it was, despite the fact I’ve been with the same man for many years and is probably the only guy they’ve ever known me to be with.’

    Another user added, ‘You can’t go out now you’re showing because everyone will know what you’ve been doing’ Right, I’ll stay indoors for the next 22 weeks shall I?”

    A third said, ‘I had a tiny bump and one colleague refused to believe how far along I was, she got very close to actually accusing me of lying. I cannot tell you how delighted I was when he was 8lb8 and I got to show her my huge baby.’

    Have you ever received unwanted comments about your baby bump at work? Tell us in the comment box below.