This mum is willing to pay £2,500 for someone to give her two children sex education at home

The mother-of-two posted a job advert detailing the issues she'd like her kids to learn about on a child care website

A mum has embarked on a quest to find someone to discuss sex with her children - and has revealed that she's willing to pay the chosen candidate £2,500.

Her advertisement was shared on website, under the listing title of 'Part time nanny job in Bath'.

The post read: 'I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for this kind of help, but here goes. My husband and I are looking to hire someone to give our 8-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son the "talk".

'Like most parents, we were hoping we would have more time before this became a problem; ideally, I'd avoid it altogether! But we're at the point now where they aren't satisfied with the answer we're giving them.'

The mum went on to state that she's decided to explore other methods for educating her kids on topics such as puberty, intimacy and consent because she doesn't 'trust the school to do a proper job'.

A run-down of other conversations the OFSTED registered candidate must be happy to have with the siblings was then revealed.

It included sex with both genders, pregnancy, sexual protection, STIs and periods.

The parents are also keen for their son and daughter to become clued-up on other gender types - such as transgender and non-binary - and would like their brood to learn about male and female anatomy.

Consent, with a possible discussion of rape culture, is mentioned on the list as well.

The advert ends by detailing the money that the couple will pay the selected individual, who must also have an up-to-date DBS check.

'My husband and I are willing to pay £2,500 to the right candidate who can handle this delicately and professionally,' the mum concludes.

'We are also willing to work to your timetable on this e.g. one session a week for six weeks, or all in one session, whatever you feel is best for their understanding and development.'

Would you ever consider getting professional help to talk to your children about sex education? Let us know in the comments!


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