‘Mind your own f***ing business’ Mum’s brutally honest account of living with ADHD daughter goes viral

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  • One mum has shared the day it ‘finally happened’, when her four-year old daughter – who has ADHD – had a meltdown at the supermarket.

    While waiting patiently to pay the family food shop Mum, Tyler Myers, who says her daughter often has ADHD-related bouts of frustrating behaviour, took to her Facebook page to explain what happened, detailing how the very public reactions to her daughter’s behaviour not only provoked this Facebook post, but also highlighted the contrast between one stranger’s critical response, and another stranger’s much-needed kindness.

    Tyler explains that her four-year old little girl has ADHD, and so the typical tantrums we’re used to seeing can sometimes become more intense and she gets so fixated on something she can’t calm herself down. Often, she is forced to leave in the middle of her shopping. But not this time. Not today.


    ‘As I stood in the customer service line of Walmart to cash my paycheck
    with a cart of groceries(and some wine), Sophie sat/stood/did heads
    stands in the cart, whining over a bag of chips I took away and because
    she called me a butthole in line,’ she wrote.

    ‘She’s relentless. I know this. I live with it. Her ADHD and obsessive little heart gets on these subjects of things she finds unjust and wrong and it doesn’t stop until she eventually falls asleep or something very dramatic happens to snatch the attention off the obsessed about subject.’

    Tyler then explained that she typically ends up leaving a store when her
    daughter acts up but that this time she was determined that both she and Sophie could make it through the check-out line.

    ‘I tell her for the tenth time to sit down so she doesn’t fall and the next thing I hear is a woman behind me saying “oh, for Christ’s sake give her a cookie so she’ll shut up,”‘ she continued. ‘I could’ve responded in a nicer way. I could’ve explained to her that my four year old has pretty severe ADHD, I raise both my children alone, I’m doing my best, and had no choice but to wait it out for the groceries.’

    ‘Instead, I heard ‘she’s four years old and you need to mind your own f***ing
    business’ come out of my mouth.’

    Tyler went on to write that she walked over to self checkout so that she
    could avoid the glares coming her direction as tears streamed down her face.

    ‘Once she got there, something amazing happened: A woman approached and engaged her daughter in conversation. She asks her questions to distract her, but backs me up when Sophie begins to go on about wanting the chips…Honestly, this woman could’ve been the antichrist and I would’ve had more appreciation for her kindness and compassion than I have for anyone else I’ve encountered,” she wrote.’

    ‘It only takes one comment to break someone down. You never know what someone’s going through. You never know the problems a child has that causes them to misbehave unless you know the struggle of being a parent to a child like mine, you cannot judge.’

    ‘But it also takes one small act of kindness to make a mama feel comfort and validation.’

    She ended her post by thanking the anonymous woman who helped her walk out of the store, adding that ‘mamas have to stick together’.

    Her honest account has been shared over 149k times, and has kickstarted an outpouring of empathy and understanding from many Facebook commenters.

    ‘You’re doing your best and thats all that matters we all struggle at times,’ one wrote. ‘Some people just dont know how to keep comments to themselves. Nice of that lady to help you out in the end. Blessing in disguise. Chin up mama.’