'It's something we would both like' Natasha Hamilton opens up about having children with Charles Gay

Baby number 5!

Natasha Hamilton has opened up about having children with fiancé Charles Gay, saying it's something they would both like in the future.

The Atomic Kitten singer revealed her baby plans in an interview with OK! magazine, saying that the couple want to have a baby but only after they tie the knot.

'It's something we would both like in the future', she told the publication.

'But not until we're married. We have a lot to sort out before we can consider having a baby.'

This would be baby number five for Natasha, who's already a mum to Josh, 14, Harry, 11, Alfie, six, and two-year-old Ella, all from different partners.

The mum-of-four has recently spilt from her youngest child's father Ritchie Neville, in March last year, and got engaged to Charles in November.

Natasha was previously engaged to Ritchie Neville but the pair broke up a year ago

Talking about introducing a new male figure in her children's lives, the 34-year-old said she was more sensitive about how her older children would feel.

'Ella and Alfie are still young. So being introduced to someone new didn't really faze them, but I wanted to be sensitive towards the older boys', she said in the interview.

Defending her relationship with Charles, Natasha also opened up about the backlash the pair faced after getting engaged so quickly and said she deserves a happy ending.

'People can be quite fixated on the idea that we're only allowed to love one person in our lives, but I don't believe that.

'I've only ever had a few, long-term relationships. I deserve to be happy and to feel loved. I wish people wouldn't try and ruin what is such a happy time for us.

'I've been through a lot of ups and downs in relationships but I deserve a happy ending. My life is very hectic but I've never been as calm as I am with Charlie.

'I've never felt so content as I do now, there's no mind games or drama with us either, which makes a refreshing change.'

Charles also brushed off the backlash they faced after they revealed the news of their engagement, saying the couple are happy.

'There are always going to be people who'll say negative things, but they don't know us or our relationship.

'I've never had to deal with people having an opinion about my life like that, it was a bit weird, but we're super happy and that's all that matters', he told OK!.

Natasha has since announced her pregnancy of baby number 5 with husband Charles.


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