New mum is criticised for wanting to go clubbing - 6 days after giving birth

Is it wrong to go out partying just after you've given birth?

One new mum has been criticised on Mumsnet (opens in new tab) for wanting to go clubbing 6 days after she gave birth.

A woman, only known as MrsG841, bought up the topic of conversation on Mumsnet board AIBU - 'Am I Being Unreasonable' - and started a thread by saying, 'A friend of mine has just become a first time mum and her baby is 6 days old.

'She messaged a few us to organise going clubbing at weekend.

'AIBU to think that she shouldn't think about this at such an early stage?'

Her post quickly got replies from other mums on the site, and they weren't happy with her judgemental comments, with one reply saying, 'None of your business, put your judgy pants away,' and another saying, 'Yes YABU she can have a night out if she feels like it.

'Although why she'd invite you I'm not sure?'

Some tried to explain why they thought the new mum deserved a night out, 'She wants to go out after 9 months of pregnancy. I think it's fine. I have known people to do it at a similar baby stage. They only lasted an hour. Sometimes you have to do this to make you feel more human.'

While another said, 'She's probably looking forward to letting her hair down after the long haul of pregnancy. The reality of looking after a newborn may not truly have hit her. If you want to go, go. If not don't.'

Although some were quick to back MrsG841 by saying: 'Haha I knew it. People falling over themselves to claim it's totally normal and fine to leave a 6 day old baby for a night out on the tiles.'

While another Mumsetnet user responded with, 'Who would want to drop your newborn to go clubbing? That's just weird. If she is already bored of him at 6 days, it's not looking good for the future. Most parents actually enjoy spending time with their babies.

'I could just about understand wanting to meet for coffee or a drink, but clubbing?'

After the criticism MrsG481 was keen to clarify her point and told the group, 'Im not saying she cant let her hair down or go out i just personally think its a bit soon. Also she has never been one to have a couple of drinks she will go out and get completely hammered. I just feel that maybe give it a couple of weeks to settle in as a mum.'

However one user tried to reason with the rest of the group by saying, 'She's entitled to have a life. The younger her child experiences being away from her and looked after by someone else the quicker and easier he/she will settle into it. It's all about balance.

'If mum is going out clubbing every weekend or leaving baby every other night of the week then judgy pants might be appropriate but equally a parent who never has time out or won't trust their LO to the care of someone else will come to regret it.'

Do you think 6 days is too soon to leave your newborn to go clubbing?