'What an awful thing' One Born Every Minute viewers left in tears as couple share heartbreaking story of how their firstborn died

Katie and Sam lost their little boy in 2016

One Born Every Minute viewers were left in tears after a couple recalled the heartbreaking story of how they sadly lost their firstborn.

Katie and Sam, who were about to become parents for the second time, explained how they lost the little boy they had in 2016.

Their baby son Oscar was born with a heart defect and taken straight to the neonatal unit after being delivered. The new parents had to wait five hours before they could see their baby boy.

'We found out Oscar had a serious heart condition. He got taken down to the neonatal unit and we didn't see him for about five hours', Katie said.

'I'd gone from holding my baby in my warms to him being taken away from me and not being allowed to touch him.'

Oscar then contracted an infection and had to undergo a total of five operations.

'I could see that he was in pain and I just wanted to hold him and I just wanted to comfort him', the mum continued.

Sam also said: 'They told us that he wasn't going to make it after a couple of days and he kept coming back and surprising everyone. He was so strong. But ultimately, it was too much.'

Oscar had to go on the life support machine, and after fifty days, his mum and dad decided he was in too much pain.

'For 50 days it was, we will never say yes to turning off any kind of support. And then we thought he was telling us, it's time.

'We'd discussed everything and we kind of knew that when it did come to it we'd have to say yes.'

Recalling the moment when they lost their little boy, Katie broke in tears and said: 'He passed away at the time he was born, at twelve minutes past one.

'We just sat with him and just held him and spoke to him so hopefully he wasn't scared. That was the main thing I was determined that I didn't want him to feel scared. That he knew that he had his mum and dad by his side.'

The heartbreaking story left viewers in tears, as they commented on social media to say how hard it was to watch and to send their well-wishes to the couple.

One said: 'Sobbing here. What a lovely, strong couple 😞 #oneborn', while another commented: 'What an awful thing those brave parents have had to go through 😔 I'm crying so much. #oneborn'.

A third wrote: 'My heart breaks for this lovely couple. I can’t even imagine 😥 #oneborn'.

Another added: 'Absolutely breaks me when parents on #OneBorn discuss when they lost a baby, no parent deserves to lose a child 😰💔'.

The episode had a happy ending when Katie and Sam welcomed little baby Rupert.


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