This new revelation about Peppa Pig is really freaking parents out

How have we not noticed this before?!

Peppa Pig is usually a controversial figure among parents - no mater how much children love her - and now there's yet another reason to dislike the fictional character...

A lot of parents have a love/hate relationship with Peppa Pig, and there's actually quite a few reasons why Peppa Pig is the worst.

From her endless fat-shaming of poor Daddy Pig to her habit of being a mean older sister to little George Pig, it's no wonder she hasn't garnered many fans in the adult crowd.

And now she might even be less liked, after we found out what she actually looks like.

The 'front face' of the world's most famous pig has been revealed by 16-year-old Japanese Twitter user KwonHanch, who drew what he think she looks like.

As we can only ever see the pigs in profile, and clearly see two eyes all the time, turns out face-on Peppa is no ordinary pig and definitely not suitable for little ones.

Sharing his reasoning on Twitter, the aspiring animated artist shared a sketch of Peppa's right side and left side of her face.

In the final drawing, you can see Peppa's front face in black and white - with FOUR eyes. How did we never notice that?!

He later published a similar drawing of the cartoon, this time in all its technicolour glory.

People on social media were left shocked at the revelation, with many saying that the revelation will be giving them nightmares.

One wrote: 'the stuff that nightmares are made of', while another sarcastically said: 'Peppa’s best angle. Here is a treat for your eyes'.

A third added that they might even use the drawing to 'scare' their niece 'into reality': 'There are no nieces like peppa..will show them this and scare them into reality'.

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Mariana Cerqueira
Lifestyle Editor

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