‘It’s not something that should be frowned upon’ Peter Andre hits back over breastfeeding picture

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  • Peter Andre has spoken out about the negative comments he received after sharing a picture of his wife Emily MacDonagh breastfeeding last week.

    The father-of-four posted an intimate snap to his Instagram account just over a week ago showing Emily breastfeeding their youngest.

    Although the picture was flooded with messages of support, there were some social media users that didn’t approve.

    In his recent column for new! magazine, Peter has hit back at the criticism he received, calling breastfeeding stigma ‘awful’.

    He said, ‘I had people telling me I didn’t need to post the photo of Emily, but we did and we have no regrets. The stigma that’s attached to breastfeeding is awful!’

    Peter, who is dad to Junior, 11, and Princess, nine, from his previous relationship with Katie Price, as well as daughter Amelia and son Theo with Emily, admitted he knew the picture would cause a stir, ‘I got a huge response to the photo I posted of Emily breastfeeding Theo on Instagram’.

    ‘We wanted to share it after Tamara Ecclestone posed for pics as she breastfed her daughter and protested against people criticising women who do it.

    ‘Emily admired her for speaking out. And like Tamara, she wants breastfeeding to be normalised. It’s not something that should be frowned upon.’

    Peter made it clear that although breastfeeding is right for his family, it’s always a mother’s choice.

    ‘Of course there are women who can’t or don’t breastfeed, and this has nothing to do with that. But for those who do, it’s the most natural thing in the world.

    ‘I couldn’t believe how much flak Tamara got for the photos of her feeding Sophia, who’s three next month.

    ‘I have no idea when Emily plans to wean Theo off the breast, but I know she’ll do it when she feels it’s right for our son.’

    I walked in and saw this. Just perfect #hungrylad

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    Many of the comments on the photo were in praise of Peter, with one follower writing: ‘Nothing more natural than a mother feeding her baby. Beautiful’ and a second agreeing: ‘Well done Emily. And well done Peter for supporting her. Many husbands dont realise how brave and strong a breastfeeding woman in our society has to be. The best start for your baby.’

    ‘What’s an absolute stunning photo,’ a third said. ‘I don’t have any photos of me feeding my son, after seeing this I must get my partner to get one.’

    However, one fan in particular felt the moment should have been kept private, and criticised Peter for posting the picture to social media.

    ‘It is beautiful but private between a family…not on Instagram sorry Pete disappointed,’ they wrote. ‘Somethings should remain private…not put on media..so sad i adored u and yr family’.

    T catching a kiss from J 😀

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    Peter’s supporters were quick to hit back at the negativity, with many saying that they felt the picture would help to normalise breastfeeding.

    ‘Why should it be kept private?! Its getting the correct message out there – That a mother feeding her child is completely normal,’ one such response read. ‘I would have given anything to be able to breastfeed my little girl yet Im unable too. I hope you never feel the need to be negative towards someone elses choice ever again.’

    ‘I don’t see what the problem is. This is what breasts are for!?’ another added.

    ‘If you are a mother, you should know that this is perfectly natural and embrace other women doing this! She is not revealing anything and if she was I’d understand the problem with it.’

    ‘But at the end of the day this is their instagram account and they are getting a beautiful message out to other families that breast feeding your child is perfectly fine and nothing to be ashamed off.’