Pregnant Abbey Clancy faces backlash over baby bump photo

She's expecting her third baby this month

Pregnant Abbey Clancy, who is expecting her third baby this month, has faced backlash from some of her followers on social media after posting a picture of her almost fully grown baby bump.

The model previously told OK! Magazine: 'I try not to get too hung up about my body changing because it's natural and I think it's a healthy sign if you're growing with the baby.'


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with her due date imminent, the 31-year-old is clearly struggling with the size and weight of her baby bump now, prompting the star to post a photo on her Instagram account of her belly with the words ‘ugh.’


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some fellow expectant mums could totally relate to what the star was feeling, commenting on her photo, 'I feel you. 6.5 months and counting...!', others were less than impressed with Abbey's post.

Taking offence to her choice to write 'ugh' on the photo, some of the star's followers pointed out: 'doesn't matter how amazing she looks why is is writing 'ugh' on it! Some people would do anything to have kids! Let alone complain for some people everything comes too easy and things are taken for granted! She needs to think before writing stuff like that on a photo.'

Others agreed writing: 'What some people would give for that bump!'

'What a pioneering post in body positivity for your self and your followers' chided another.

However, other fans of Abbey's were quick to jump to the model's defence, writing: 'Until you've carried a child please don't comment on this photo. It is a blessing and a gift, but BY FAR the hardest thing I've ever done.'

Another of Abbey's followers hit back at the critics saying: 'people get a life she is having a hard day this has been taken out of context!'

While someone else sympathised, commenting: 'maybe because she is full term or getting to the end and wants baby to come. I definitely felt the same when I was full term and even at 30 weeks I felt ugh.'

Abbey, who is already mum to two girls, Sophia, six, and Liberty, two, has admitted whilst pregnant with her third child: 'I think this will be the last baby I have'.

The expectant mum is thought to still be keeping the gender of her baby a surprise, although she has admitted that she and husband – footballer Peter Crouch – have different ideas to what they would like.


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girl would be handy because I've still got everything pink', Abbey told OK! Magazine. 'But as long as it's healthy, I don't mind. I think Pete would like a boy but he can't choose.'


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