The Nokia 3310 is back (and so is Snake!)

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  • Hands up who remembers the good old days of phones before they got so smart?

    When it came to phones in the 90s, it seemed like the only thing we had to worry about was charging it every few days and we could keep the kids (and ourselves) entertained for hours with endless games of Snake!

    Don’t get us wrong, there are certainly some 90s trends that can stay well and truly in the past (baggy flares, belt skirts and Baker Boy caps, we’re looking at you). But, that’s hardly the case for the phone everybody was talking about, the Nokia 3310.

    That was a simpler time, which is why we’re so glad to hear the news that the Nokia 3310 is back – and so are a lot of the features we all know and love!

    To celebrate the news, a bit of a Nokia 3310 review was in order. Here are just some of the classic features that are returning along with the 3310 (Snake game-face at the ready…).

    1. Snake is back (and, we predict, our addiction to playing it non-stop)
    Yes, you read that right: Snake is back and ready to swallow up even more of our time. Back then we couldn’t get enough of seeing that little snake run around our screens and grow as we jabbed at the keypad, only to be bitterly disappointed when we finally lost, and we have a feeling things won’t have changed.

    Plus, we now get the joy of watching our kids experience the same euphoria/crushing defeat as they get to know the most addictive game that ever existed! Who needs Candy Crush?

    2. The long-life battery we all relied on is still going strong
    We have too many things to remember to do every day. Are the kids dressed? Did they eat breakfast? Has anyone taken the dog out yet? So it would be nice to know that our phone is still in action despite not being able to remember the last time we charged it (or where the charger even is).

    With the 3310, you can actually leave your charger at home, and laugh as the other mums at the school gates complaining of having zero battery.

    The fancy new Nokia has retained the stellar battery life of the original with a full day of talk time and it’ll even last a month on standby on a full charge!

    3. It still won’t cost us an arm and a leg to buy it
    Anyone with hair on their head will know that a cut and colour can set you back a serious amount of cash – sometimes even around the £100 mark. So it’s good to know that you can relive the heady days of the 90s for less than half that with the 3310 costing £50. In fact, many phone contracts will ask you for more than that PER MONTH.

    The Nokia 3310 is available for just £39 from Vodafone on pay as you go!

    4. We can reclaim our coffee and cake breaks without a million notifications to deal with
    Remember the days of not receiving some sort of annoying notification every 5 seconds? Well you’ll be pleased to know that the Nokia 3310 is dumb. But don’t get us wrong, we actually mean this as a positive.

    Today’s phones are smart for a reason: nowadays you can create Instagram stories, make bank payments, and browse Primark’s latest collections all in one handy, well, handset.

    But, really, we all need a break from our mobile’s constant attention seeking; we need to switch off. After a quick game of Snake and a catch up with friends via text (forget full keyboards and emojis, guys) you can put your phone down and give yourself a break. You earned it.

    5. It’s still near-impossible to break
    We all know the pain of a smashed screen all too well, not to mention the sting of how much it costs to get it fixed. But back in the days of the 3310 we could throw our phone all over the place safe in the knowledge that our robust friend wouldn’t so much as dent!

    With its typically tough exterior, you can go back to chucking Nokia’s spruced-up slice of nostalgia into your handbag amongst the usual tonne of things you cart around for the kids!

    Will you be picking up the new Nokia 3310? Let us know in the comments below.

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