12 mums you’ll find at the school gates: The wannabe WAG, the 4×4 and the loud and proud

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  • You can get yourself into a bit of a routine when it comes to dropping the kids off at school. You walk or drive the same route, you leave at the same time and you see the same people day in, day out.

    Of course, there are the people you smile at, the mums you stand and have a good old natter with and then the ones you avoid – big time!

    Here are 12 mums we are sure you’ll find at the school gates every morning…

    1. The wannabe WAG mum

    Sunglasses? Check. Heels? Check. Lippy? Check! Come on, who really has time to slap tons of make-up on before dropping the kids at school?

    2. The ‘roll out of bed and hope for the best’ mum

    Tired Tuesday? More like tired all week long. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

    3. The super mum

    She’s the mum every mum wants to be. Super organised, ready for action and on time. It’s a dream we all have on a regular basis but it’s just never going to happen…

    4. The make-up free rebel mum

    She’s not wearing any make-up – so scandalous! There’s always one who just doesn’t care what she looks like, she’s there to drop off her kids and that’s that. We wish we were that brave!

    5. The pushchair mum

    Don’t mess with the pushchair mum – you get in her way and she’ll run you over. She’s on a mission to get to those school gates quicker than you can.

    6. The ‘how can you be so happy and lively this time in the morning’ mum

    There’s always the mum at the school gates who is just full of energy – how is that even possible?

    7. The 4×4 mum

    Don’t get in the way of the 4 x 4 mum, she’ll run you down with her overpacked car. Taking up most of the parking spaces outside the school, she’s in the wrong but no one dares to mess with her.

    8. The ‘why did I have so many kids?’ mum

    One… Two.. Five… Seven… Wait, am I missing one? Spare a thought for those mums with the busload of kids – how does she do it?

    9. The gossip mum

    She doesn’t want to hear about the latest cake that you baked or how your kid passed his maths test, she wants to know the juicy, juicy gossip, so spill!

    10. The loud and proud mum

    Argh! Just, argh! It’s too early for all that loud noise and shouting at the kids. Calm down love, it’s only 8.30am.

    11. The always late mum

    There’s always one that’s later than late can be. It’s a race to the gates whilst juggling kids, school bags and pushchairs.

    12. The awkward dad

    Yes, not a mum but he’s a constant at the school gate. He’s surely talked to women before but the sight of a gaggle of women, all in one place, brings out the little boy in him. That’s him, hiding behind the wheel of his car until the gates open.