Russell Brand’s mum battling ‘life-threatening injuries’ after car accident

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  • Father of one Russell Brand has spoken for the first time about his mum Barbara’s serious car crash – revealing she is suffering from ‘multiple life-threatening injuries’.

    The doting dad released two verbal statements on Instagram, revealing he is cancelling the remainder of his Russell Brand: Rebirth Tour because he is ‘too sad’ to perform.

    ‘My mum’s been in a really serious road accident and has sustained what are being called “polytraumatic injuries”, that means numerous, life threatening injuries,’ the 42-year-old comedian said.

    ‘I can’t imagine performing at the moment because I feel too sad and too connected to this. I apologise but obviously it’s circumstances beyond my control.’

    Barbara, who has battled cancer six times and only finished chemotherapy a month ago, was on her way to babysit Russell and his wife Laura Gallacher’s 18-month-old daughter Mabel when her chauffeur-driven car was struck by a vehicle travelling on the wrong side of the road.

    ‘I’m sad for my mum, she’s vulnerable,’ Russell said in his second Instagram video.

    ‘She only finished chemotherapy a month ago so for her to be in this situation it’s really difficult.’

    While Barbara remains in hospital, the chauffeur – who Russell calls a ‘friend’ – has since been released.

    Russell continued: ‘The man who was driving was a friend of mine. What I suppose I would like to say is how I am reminded, as I have been many times across my life is the importance and significance of the NHS who have already saved her life on six occasions, my mum has had cancer six times.

    ‘We should all be really grateful for the NHS,’ he added.

    Russell then admitted he will be taking a break from social media while he supports his mum, but thanked all his loyal fans for their ‘beautiful messages’.

    #Bournemouth Coastal Joy! Thanks #ReBirth

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    Russell on his tour earlier this year

    ‘Thank you for all your positive, beautiful messages, prayers for those of you for whom that is meaningful and appropriate,’ he added.

    ‘Please continue to keep my mum in your thoughts and in your hearts. I’m sending lots of love to you and gratitude. Cheers I’ll see you all soon I hope.’