Sam Faiers comes under fire AGAIN for photograph of son Paul lying in a pram

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  • The Only Way Is Essex star Samantha Faiers has come under criticism again, only days after her last controversy, for leaving baby Paul unstrapped in his pram.

    The 25-year-old mum of one shared a photograph of her young son lying down in the Balmoral Silver Cross pram with her 1.6 million Instagram followers.

    The picture was taken at the 70th birthday party of Sam’s grandfather where the whole family, including partner Paul, sister Billie and her daughter Nelly, were all in attendance.

    My baby's getting so big 👶🏼😌 💙

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    Dressed in adorable dungarees by luxury children’s clothing designer Rachel Riley, five-month-old Paul was laughing at the camera while mum took his photograph.

    However, fans were quick to start criticising Sam for not having properly secured Paul into the pram. Alex Phaea said; ‘That pram may be cute but surely he can climb out of it at his age? I’d be worried about him falling out the second I turned my back.’

    Britt Smith added; ‘That’s why you don’t leave them unsupervised or not strapped in when they become more mobile. It’s not the pram that’s not safe, is people underestimating babies that are the problem.’

    Other people picked on the outfit that Sam had chosen to dress her baby in, with Pat Hurry saying; ‘Shouldn’t put shoes on babies until they’re walking especially with no socks.’

    Luckily for Sam, other fans were quick to jump to her defence, including Hannah O’Grady who replied to the critics; ‘Paul isn’t even sitting up yet! Think you are being a bit pathetic.’

    Stephanie Holt reminded the celebrity mother that no matter what she does, someone will always criticise; ‘Lovely pic. Surprised the pillow police ain’t out telling you how to parent too.’

    Just this week the mother-of-one was also criticised for letting Paul face outwards when being carried in a baby sling.

    Official guidelines from Mothercare state that between 0-6 months your main concern is keeping your baby stable, supported and comfortable while they lie flat on their back.

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