Instagram users slam Sam Faiers for not ‘researching the risks of baby-facing carriers’

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  • Sam Faiers has come under fire again from social media users for her parenting style.

    Only recently critiqued for her breastfeeding pictures Sam’s latest ‘mistake’ came when she posted a sweet picture of her and her son Paul enjoying some fresh air at the weekend while on a walk.

    The TOWIE star shared a snap of sleepy Paul in his carrier as she gives him a snuggle. Dressed in a blue puffa suit and cradled in a sling attached to Sam’s front Paul looks comfortable and content.

    However, fans were quick to point out that they thought the way Sam was carrying her little boy wasn’t safe because of the direction he was facing, and the positioning of his little legs.

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    ‘Should try and get an ergonomic carrier these aren’t good for you or baby, the baby’s legs should be in the ‘M’ position,’ wrote one fan.

    Another said: ‘It’s not the carrier that’s the problem, baby should be facing mummy, forward facing means their legs dangle and isn’t good for their hips.’

    User rebeccashootzy said, ‘Hi Sam baby wearing is great! However baby can easily overheat and shouldn’t be in a pram suit as they are getting your body heat. Also baby shouldn’t be facing out till they are older.’

    As with any debate there were other followers who were quick to jump to Sam’s defence however, and back the mum-of-one on her baby carrier choice.

    One fan said, ‘The legs can dangle forward or back I’ve seen it worn in many ways. It’s her first child she’s learning and experimenting so let these people live. Sam I think you’re doing a really good job.’

    ‘Beautiful 💙 I have this sling & my little girl loves it! Ignore all the idiots who think they know best, #babybjorn are one of the best you can buy, they wouldn’t sell them if they were bad for babies!! Love seeing pics of baby Paul, he’s super cute xx’ another follower said.

    While someone else added, ‘Lovely pic. You put babies forward facing recommend from 5 months. He looks perfectly happy in his sling.’

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