Mummy Diaries viewers shocked at Paul’s reaction to Sam Faiers’ ‘marriage proposal’ prank

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  • Mummy Diaries viewers have taken to social media after seeing how Paul reacted to Sam Faiers' 'marriage proposal' prank.

    In the final episode of the show, Sam and Paul went away to Dubai with their two children – two-year-old Paul and baby Rosie.

    While there, the mum organised a prank to surprise her partner, and showed up in the aquarium while both big Paul and baby Paul were looking at the fishes.

    Speaking on the show, Sam says: ‘I’ve got quite a big question for Paul and he’s definitely going to be surprised when he sees me.’

    As she also shows him a card reading ‘Will you…’, viewers were convinced she was going to propose to Paul.

    Mummy Diaries

    However, when she flips the card over, the rest of the sentence reads: ‘…make dinner for me?’

    But while it was just a joke, viewers were shocked at Paul’s reaction to the prank, as he revealed he would have said ‘no’ if it had been a real proposal.

    ‘I just thought I know she tries to be funny, but it’s not a funny joke’, he said.

    Later in the episode, while they’re having a romantic dinner at the beach, Sam revealed why she trued to trick Paul: ‘I thought it would be fun. I’m fed up of people asking when will you get married? When will Paul propose?

    ‘I’m very content at the moment and I feel when the time is right it’ll be right.’

    Mummy Diaries

    She also told sister Billie about the prank, saying: ‘Obviously I do want to get engaged and get married one day but I’m happy right now.’

    Surprised by Paul’s reaction and the fact that Sam didn’t actually propose, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts.

    One said: ‘The answer will still be a ‘no’ from him, lazy git! She knows not to propose to him, not in public anyway!’

    Another wrote: ‘Omg I’m watching #MummyDiaries and honestly I saw will you…and I thought she was going too ask Paul too marry her😩😩but it was will you make me dinner😂🙈🙈’.

    A third added: ‘All that hype & build up & all she asks is ‘Will you make me dinner?’ 😳 maybe this is a hint to him to propose to her whilst on holiday? Bizarre #MummyDiaries’.