Tamara Ecclestone splits opinion after including a puppy in her daughter Sophia’s advent calendar

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  • Tamara Ecclestone has sparked controversy on social media after including a puppy in her daughter Sophia’s advent calendar.

    The heiress took to Instagram to share a picture of her daughter, nicknamed Fifi, standing in front of her massive doll advent calendar with her new puppy.

    Welcome to the family Cutie Alan Ecclestone Rutland x

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    The dog, named Alan Ecclestone Rutland, was behind one of the doors in the three-year-old’s extravagant advent calendar, which led many of the mum’s fans to comment ‘Best advent Calendar ever 😍’ and ‘Advent Calendar goals ❤️🎁’.

    However, not everyone thought the surprise was a good idea, with many criticising Sophia’s parents for giving her a puppy as a Christmas present.

    One wrote: ‘#Adoptdontshop @tamaraecclestoneofficial already enough unwanted dogs in shelters that deserve a home. Even puppies are in shelters so no need to line the pockets of a greedy breeder. Please don’t say you’ve got this for Fifi as a new toy? What happens when the novelty wears off? I just hope you give this dog a forever home.’

    The same user added: ‘do they look like they respect things as a life not a gift?! Further more, no respectable breeder or rescue would home a puppy, especially not a trendy breed, this close to Christmas. Which suggests she’s thrown money not research at this. Very responsible. 🙄’

    Another said: ‘What the HELL?! You do NOT give live animals as Christmas gifts. So completely inappropriate.’

    A third commented: ‘A dog is for life not just for Christmas and certainly not a toy!’

    Most magical day @laplanduk 🌲❄️

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    Others didn’t see the issue with giving Sophia a dog as an advent calendar gift, as long as they take good care of it.

    ‘If they take care of the animal well and it’s respected as a life not as a gift, then what is the issue? It’s parents who buy them for their children and don’t take on the responsibility that are the problem. Not actually giving an animal to a child over the Christmas period that’s the issue…’, another said.

    Tamara Ecclestone and her family are currently starring in an ITVBe reality TV show, called Tamara’s World, where she often shares the extravagant luxuries she has in her life, like her £5million wardrobe and 50 staff.

    After the first episode aired, viewers accused the mum-of-one of being ‘obsessed’ with her daughter, and having an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with her.

    She’s also recently opened up to HELLO! magazine about Sophia’s Christmas present, revealing the young girl wanted a ‘real unicorn’.

    ‘It’s a bit of a tricky one because she’s asking for a real unicorn. I’m not sure what to do,’ she said.

    ‘A friend told me about a book where it says that unicorns can’t be captured, so I think I’ll have to buy it and read it to her.’

    What do you think – is a puppy an appropriate Christmas present? Let us know in the comments!