Tamara Ecclestone causes controversy with picture of daughter Sophia riding a ‘unicorn’

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  • Tamara Ecclestone has caused controversy online after posting an image of her daughter Sophia at a birthday party with a ‘unicorn’.

    In the picture, Sophia sits atop a white horse, whose mane has been dyed a bright pink colour, and topped with a faux horn to make them look like the mythical creature.

    Whilst many praised the snap as ‘cute’ and ‘so fun!’, some critics have expressed shock that the animal should be treated in such a fashion, with one even questioning whether it was real or not.

    ‘Please don’t tell me that’s a real horse…’ said one commenter, and another said ‘That poor horse. That is abuse. Dressing him like that.’

    A third wrote: ‘Jeeees, that poor horse… this isn’t right. Animals are not toys.’

    We believe in unicorns 🦄

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    Although Tamara is often praised for her hands-on parenting and 100% dedication to her daughter, who was born in 2014, it’s not the first time she’s caused a stir online for her methods.

    Most notably, she’s been a vocal advocate of breastfeeding, but has drawn some criticism for her decision to breastfeed after a certain age.

    Earlier this year, she appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend her controversial choice to continue to breastfeed Sophie well into her third year.

    Although she is well known for posting many shots of her breastfeeding Sophie to her Instagram, some people thought she had gone too far in staging a special breastfeeding photoshoot, with commenters pointing out that Sophia might be embarrassed when she grew up and saw the pictures.

    But Tamara always has a loyal fanbase who defend her parenting choices, and many have commented on the unicorn picture saying they would love to have a similar party for their own children.

    ‘Wow! Absolutely beautiful, hope you had an amazing time,’ wrote one supportive commenter, whilst another said: ‘Such a lucky little girl.’

    ‘You are such a great mum,’ said a third. ‘Can’t imagine how Fifi [Sophia] feels😘 example for all other mums around world.’