New trend sees children getting ‘tattoo sleeves’ to match their parents

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  • Children wanting to dress up just like mummy and daddy is nothing new, but there’s one trend gathering pace in the UK that takes dress-up time to a whole new level.

    Gateshead-based body artist Vicky McAdam is earning a reputation as the first tattoo artist to work on kids – and her speciality is full sleeves and ornate designs.

    ‘They are only young but the little kids love getting their tattoos to look like their mams and dads,’ she told The Sun newspaper.

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    But before you fall of off your chair, you can rest assured that Vicky’s inking are, of course, not the permanent kind. Her work is created using an airbrush and can take hours to complete, but only lasts for five days and can be washed off before school on Monday.

    Although, Vicky explains, she’s had loads of great reactions from teachers who have encouraged ‘inked’ children to show off the designs during story times.

    Does this mean that attitudes to tattoos are changing? Vicky’s Instagram account has over 2,500 followers, and she’s gaining more customers by the day.

    ‘It’s all just a bit of fun but it has really taken off,’ she says. ‘[The children] absolutely adore their airbrushed tattoos. One of the little lads kept his arm out of the bath so it wouldn’t wash off.’

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    Vicky started off working in body art about 10 years ago, when she began painting adults’ faces for parties and performances. But in recent years she’s noticed a market for children wanting to have tattoos to match mummy’s or daddy’s, and her designs are so impressive you’d be forgiven for thinking they were the real deal.

    The designs are airbrushed on using stencils, and built up in layers to create a ‘full sleeve’ effect. She also does single-stencil designs, for those after a more subtle ‘tattoo.’

    You’d be saving yourself a pretty penny with Vicky’s temporary work compared to the real deal too – she charges £30 for a full sleeve if you travel to her home in Gateshead. For a home visit it’s £100 an hour, and she also offers parties for groups of four or more, for £120 an hour.

    What do you think of Vicky’s art? Would your little one want to give it a go? Let us know in the comments!

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