Teachers share their worst leaving gifts in hilarious Twitter thread

The thread was inspired after one teacher received 'a shoplifted leek'

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A question on Twitter has had a huge response after one teacher asked: 'What's the funniest gift you've been given as a teacher?'

Kicking off the thread with his own contribution, he wrote, 'I know one who received a shoplifted leek from a 5 year old.'

However, it seemed like a stolen leek was positively boring compared to some of the other 'gifts' the poor teachers had received.

'My (teacher) mum got given a tampon under glass dome with mini hammer & 'in emergency break glass' sign!' said one bemused commenter.

Another wrote: 'A 9 yr old girl brought me in a bottle of brandy at Christmas with the security band still attached to the neck.'

Here's some of the top comments that got us giggling...

'Crate of strongbow- 24 cans carried in by a year 10 as a leaving gift. Dad then emailed to ask if he'd brought it in as he noticed it gone...'

'A mug that said 'thanks for being an amazing teaching assistant'. I was the class teacher.'

'Two teabags! Was actually a lovely/touching gesture though, made a point of making my Christmas morning cuppa with them.'

'This year one of my children bought me a fidget spinner!'

'A large, gold diamanté encrusted necklace that said "Anna" (my name isn't Anna) in a number 1 dad gift bag.'

'A mug saying 'to a wonderful grandad' and a wall clock made entirely of dried sweet corn.'

'A girl's watch and a sock (singular). Both stolen from the older sister of the child in question.'

'A faded purple wash bag normally hung in the nearby chemist's window. On leavers' day, it wasn't there. The chemist's son gave it to me.'

One response in particular caught the original poster's eye, officially claiming 'we have a winner...'

'A dead sparrow in a shoebox.'

We wish we'd been there to see THAT reaction!

What's the worst teacher gift that you've ever received or witnessed? Let us know in the comment box below!


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